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Save Emails and Attachments from Outlook to SharePoint and Teams. On Any Device.  

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Colligo provides a easy solution for managing your emails within Microsoft 365. Effortlessly file and tag your emails to any location in SharePoint, while staying in Outlook. No need to switch apps! Boost compliance and productivity with our Outlook email management software.

Realize the Benefits of
Effective Email Management

Eliminate risks

Outlook is not a wise choice for storing email records. Avoid fines and penalties for record keeping violations.

Save time

View SharePoint in Outlook. Find and save emails and attachments to SharePoint quickly. In line with Outlook best practices.

Prevent knowledge loss

Store everything in one place making it easy when employees come and go.

Automate business processes

Apply labels automatically or manually for improved search.

Quick & simple email management

Most users don’t file email to SharePoint because the process is too complex and time consuming. We solve this by making things simple. Users stay in Outlook when quickly saving email to SharePoint or sharing emails from SharePoint.

Wondering how to access SharePoint from Outlook? Get in touch for more information about our email filing software for Microsoft Outlook.

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Connect Outlook to SharePoint and bulk migrate emails

Automatic Email Filing

Our automatic filing tool allows you to move emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint.

You can select daily, weekly or monthly automatic email filing. Just set it and forget it!

Automatic email filing is great for:

  • Archiving emails of departed employees 
  • Moving emails in shared inboxes to SharePoint
  • Implementing email deletion policies
  • Scheduling batch email copying from project folders or sub-folders 


Email Management Resources

Colligo is an expert in all things email management. We’ve got all the resources you need:

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