A SharePoint app for easy email & content management

Access & manage SharePoint from Outlook, Teams, Office apps, and mobile for a better Microsoft 365 experience
Screenshot of A SharePoint app for easy email & content management

Manage your email and documents in SharePoint without even knowing you’re using SharePoint

Colligo’s Outlook connector and content management applications provide a seamless front-end to SharePoint and let you easily save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Our SharePoint add ons improve SharePoint functionality and dramatically increase user adoption, so you can get more from your Microsoft 365 investment. Even better, working with the add-ins doesn’t require large changes in user behaviour or workflows and change mangement is  trouble-free.

Standout capabilities of Colligo Suite

Work on any device

Work with enterprise content on any device with apps for SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, iOS, Windows and the web.

Fast, easy content capture

Easily upload files and emails to SharePoint and any Microsoft 365 location.

Metadata tagging

Comply with email and record management policies with auto-extraction of key metadata.

Content management

Gain simple yet powerful control over content, whether in the office or on the road.

Mobile content editing

Easily edit SharePoint/Microsoft 365 content or annotate PDFs, even when offline.

Information governance

Apply retention and sensitivity labels automatically or as users save files to SharePoint.

No end-user training

Deploy the SharePoint add in fast with minimal IT involvement.

No App Switching

Easily access apps from where you work most – Teams, Outlook, web browser, Office apps.

Reliable Azure storage

File and access files to and from SharePoint, leveraging Azure scalability, accessibility, and storage.

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Quantifiable benefits

Save time

Reduce app switching by working within Office apps while accessing SharePoint and efficiently surfacing content through Search.

Save money

Reduce risk of financial penalties for non-compliance and increase productivity efficiencies by working with SharePoint and Colligo together.

Improve user experience

Connect Outlook and Teams so users can stay in their Microsoft 365 and Office apps while seamlessly tagging, filing, searching, and accessing SharePoint.

Boost user adoption

Clients report up to 100% user adoption of SharePoint after implementing Colligo, expanding utilization of E3 and E5 licenses.

Improve Governance & Compliance​

Keep your organization in line with regulatory, industry, and company policies while reducing content sprawl with auto-applied metadata and labels.

Increase ROI on your Microsoft 365 investment

Significantly reduce unused and underutilized Microsoft E3 and E5 licences and lower your cost of ownership.

Colligo Enterprise Suite

Email Manager for Microsoft 365

Capture and auto-classify emails and attachments directly from Outlook to SharePoint and Teams with automatically extracted metadata

Content Manager for Microsoft 365

Explore SharePoint from Teams, web browsers, and Outlook, and find and share files faster

Office Connect for Microsoft 365

Easily add metadata, labels and retention dates, and save and classify files to SharePoint from Microsoft 365

Remote workers & offline teams


Get reliable online and offline access to Microsoft SharePoint/Microsoft 365 with apps for iOS and Windows


M365 Governance & Adoption

Drive adoption and governance. Get a better ROI from Microsoft 365.

SharePoint Migration

Migrate to Microsoft 365

Get SharePoint migration tools & services to ensure a pain-free move to the Cloud.

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