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Cloud Content Management with Colligo Saves Time

Access and Manage SharePoint from Outlook and Teams
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Colligo integrates the software you already have – SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams. It lets you view and manage all your content from an easy-to-use single window. Available right from the applications you use most (Outlook, Teams or the web browser), Colligo’s content management collaboration software unlocks modern content management. Helping you find what you need quickly while staying in Outlook and Teams.

Easy-to-use add-ins improve the functionality of SharePoint for email management and content management to make information compliance for financial institutions less complex. Colligo compliance tools allow users to save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and Microsoft 365 – connecting SharePoint with the applications used every day by knowledge workers.

Ensure financial regulatory compliance with regards to content and information, and realize greater ROI on your Microsoft investment.

Realize the Benefits

Enable effective collaboration

Quickly search, preview and share content. Right from Outlook and Teams.

Save time

Eliminate app switching. Let users stay in their Office applications and access advanced search.

Modernize content management

View all your digital content in a single pane.


Integrate software you already own. Get unparalleled access to SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams.

Make SharePoint more usable and accessible

Many Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and Document Management Systems (DMSs) are outdated, siloed, and lack ability to collaborate. They’re unfit for the modern way of work and hybrid work. Colligo offers a better way to manage cloud content. Enable effective collaboration, while improving information governance and compliance.

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Case Study

Compliance Agency Achieves Massive Time Savings & M365 Adoption

Find out how a Non-profit Compliance Agency achieved a time savings of close to 75%. Instead of taking multiple days to file emails to or send content from SharePoint, Agency staff can now file and send emails within seconds.
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