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Law firms & legal departments can capture, classify & access client matter

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Utilize SharePoint as your legal document management system (DMS). Image Utilize SharePoint as your legal document management system (DMS)​

Get more from your Microsoft 365 investment with Colligo’s document management software for law firms and corporate legal departments. Our easy-to-use add-ins for SharePoint enable compliant legal email management. We provide a powerful document management system, accessible as a standalone web application or in Microsoft Teams.

Connect SharePoint to Outlook and Office 365

Conveniently connect Outlook to SharePoint for filing emails and attachments, and access your documents through our DMS. Your team of legal professionals can stay in the Office 365 applications they use most – like Microsoft Word – while accessing SharePoint. They can also seamlessly file content according to legislative, industry or government policy for legal work.

Classify & access client matter

Colligo’s legal document management software and email management software for law firms enables efficient classification of and access to electronic client matter. This includes Office documents, images, PDFs, emails, and attachments. Law firm document management with Colligo is user friendly and far less expensive than incumbent solutions.

Benefits for Legal Professionals

Drive efficiencies

Manage all case-related emails and files together in SharePoint client sites. Provide an easy connector for Outlook and SharePoint.

Empower staff

Manage client-related content in SharePoint. Manage emails, contracts, files, and other matter from within Outlook, Teams, or a web browser.

Reduce risk and liability

Ensure email is managed according to regulatory and organizational requirements and policies.

Ensure findability

Get flexible taxonomies that correspond to practice-level work.

Drive remote productivity

Offer instant offline access to client matter and administration files.

Increase billable hours

Significantly decrease time spent searching for or recreating documents.

Reduce costs

Simplify maintenance and consolidate legacy systems.

Drive adoption of SharePoint

Say goodbye to clunky legacy and on-premise systems.

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Microsoft + Colligo legal document management capabilities outperform other systems​

Forward thinking legal professionals are already using SharePoint Online and Colligo to manage documents. Here are a couple of our recent customer examples:

  • A legal department in a global Consumer Goods company is saving in-house counsel and administration time and money. They are using Colligo to file matters into SharePoint Online from Outlook and easily share matters externally with outside counsel. The result? Lawyers spend more time on legal work instead of doing administrative work. 
  • A mid-sized law firm in the US is benefitting from an easier way to file emails and case matters. They are more efficiently classifying and accessing electronic client matter, including Office documents, images, PDFs, emails, and attachments. The firm is empowering lawyers to manage client-related content in SharePoint without leaving Outlook and Teams.

With Colligo’s cost effective and value-driven add-ins, you can save time and replace your costly legal DMS. Get started with our legal management solution now and drive your business forward.

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