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Financial services compliance software for email management

Capture, classify & securely access content and maximize your investment in Microsoft 365

Financial Services Financial services compliance software for email management
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Colligo compliance management tools for Microsoft 365 help financial services and insurance organizations manage risk while promoting financial and compliance practices at the same time.

Easy-to-use add-ins improve the functionality of SharePoint for email management and content management to make information compliance for financial institutions less complex. Colligo compliance tools allow users to save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and Microsoft 365 – connecting SharePoint with the applications used every day by knowledge workers.

Ensure financial regulatory compliance with regards to content and information, and realize greater ROI on your Microsoft investment.

Benefits for Financial Services Professionals

Maximize ROI

with improved adoption, governance, and financial services compliance

Drive collaboration

among stakeholders ensuring client-related and internal emails and digital records are tagged and accessible in SharePoint

Share from anywhere

and enable real time document and record sharing via a desktop or mobile device

Work in Teams, Outlook, or a web browser

and facilitate document capture and retrieval from email, underwriting systems and policy administration systems

Centrally administer

role- or user-specific access to SharePoint content

Facilitate knowledge-sharing

through a single information repository

Protect confidential information

with centrally managed access and permissions

Enhance productivity

of remote and in-office teams

Avoid financial penalties

for non-compliance by lowering your risk

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