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Financial services compliance software for information mgmt

Decrease risk and stay compliant. Capture, classify & securely access your content.

Financial Services Financial services compliance software for email management
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Reduce risk and improve information compliance.

Our easy-to-use compliance software connects Outlook to SharePoint for compliant email management. We also connect Teams and your other Office apps to SharePoint seamless content management. 

This makes information compliance for financial institutions less complex. Users efficiently save to SharePoint with auto-applied metadata while staying in the apps they work in. No need to switch apps!

Rest easy knowing your information is filed in the right place, for the right period of time and according to your industry regulations. And find the information you need again when you need it.

Fines and penalties for information non-compliance can be steep. Our compliance tools make it easy to ensure financial regulatory compliance and realize greater ROI on your Microsoft investment.

Benefits for Financial Services Professionals

Maximize ROI

Improve adoption, governance, and financial services compliance in M365.

Drive collaboration

Tag and make client-related and internal emails and digital records accessible in SharePoint.

Share from anywhere

Enable real-time document and record sharing via a desktop or mobile device.

Work in Teams, Outlook, or a web browser

Facilitate document capture and retrieval from email, underwriting systems and policy administration systems.

Centrally administer

Determine role- or user-specific access to SharePoint content.

Facilitate knowledge-sharing

Find what you need in a single information storage area.

Protect confidential information

Centrally manage access and permissions.

Enhance productivity

Empower remote and in-office teams.

Avoid financial penalties

Lower your risk using of non-compliance.

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Turn Data Governance Into Your Superpower

Financial institutions are faced with challenges ranging from maintaining data quality for regulatory compliance to safeguarding sensitive financial information.  

Colligo compliance management tools address these challenges head on. Our software enables financial institutions to manage data more effectively, enhance security, and ensure compliance. 

According to FinTech Buzz, “From content management to enterprise collaboration, discover how Colligo Networks is revolutionizing the FinTech landscape with CEO Tim Brady at the helm.” 

Read more about navigating data governance in financial services with Colligo software.

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