Save time with healthcare document management tools for M365

Capture, classify, store & access health records in Microsoft SharePoint

Healthcare Save time with healthcare document management tools for M365

Healthcare software solutions from Colligo Find your emails and electronic records easily

Healthcare document management is critical. Empower staff to search and find content quickly using our content and email management tools. Enable your workers to auto-apply metatdata and retention labels. Allow them to search and find content quickly, and comply with your retention policies.

Create savings in your healthcare organization

Multiple document storage systems can be costly to maintain. Leverage your investment in Microsoft 365 by using SharePoint plus Colligo for efficient and compliant records management.

Build efficiencies in your healthcare organization

Colligo healthcare software solutions allow your team to stay in their Microsoft applications while accessing SharePoint. Working in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Teams, your team saves time by reducing app switching.

Staff are able to easily file content according to legislative, government, and departmental policy. Storing information compliantly, you reduce risk and create savings in your healthcare organization.

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

Maximize ROI

Drive adoption of SharePoint as your healthcare records management and archive system. Consolidate legacy systems.

Drive collaboration

Ensure medical and administrative staff have up-to-date access to emails and documents in a single repository.

Simplify compliance

Comply with legislative, government, and healthcare industry requirements. Easily classify email and other content with standard and departmental specific metadata.

Save time and enhance productivity

Enable remote and in-office teams with quick search and discovery of documents.

Share from anywhere

Allow real time document and record sharing via a desktop or mobile device.

Work in Teams, Outlook, or a web browser

Facilitate document capture and retrieval from email and healthcare systems.

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Healthcare records management with Colligo for Microsoft 365 Secure your electronic documents

Document security and management is of critical importance in the healthcare industry. You need to handle vast amounts of sensitive data, including patient information, securely, accurately, and efficiently.

Colligo’s cloud based document management tools ensure health information is both secure and easily accessible by your medical facilities. We streamline the process of managing electronic documents, making it easier for healthcare professionals to find relevant data and patient information quickly.

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 ensure document security through version tracking and full audit trails. Colligo enhances this built-in function by enabling a simplified browsing and editing experience from a centralized location.  

Healthcare document management solution from Colligo Comply with HIPAA

Compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations is much easier when utilizing a healthcare document management system. All patient information is stored securely and access is strictly controlled based on your user permissions to ensure compliance with data privacy laws.

Up your records management game

Optimal records management in healthcare can be achieved with Colligo add-ins for Microsoft 365. Our document management software for healthcare tools allow medical facilities to easily capture, tag, access and manage administrative or patient care or records.

Save time

With Colligo, you’ll get an overall boost in efficiency and accuracy while reducing time your team spends on unnecessary administrative duties. You can also share files securely with other authorized parties, and reduce time spent on labour-intensive paperwork.

Goodbye paper, hello cloud

Say goodbye to time consuming paper records and filing. While many healthcare providers still rely on some paper-based processes, most paperwork can become obsolete by implementating our cloud based document management solution.

We can help

We’ve helped many teams of healthcare professionals manage documents effectively. And we can help you, too. Get in touch and let our team of experts guide you every step of the way.

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