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Make SharePoint records management a breeze with Colligo

Filling gaps in SharePoint, Colligo enables email and content capture from Office 365
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Colligo makes it easy for employees to capture emails and content right into SharePoint. And all within the familiar Office interfaces you use every day. Users stay in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams but save and file to SharePoint. Significantly improve search and discoverability in your records management solution with the help of auto-applied metadata and retention labels.

Easy-to-use add-ins improve the functionality of SharePoint for email management and content management to make information compliance for financial institutions less complex. Colligo compliance tools allow users to save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and Microsoft 365 – connecting SharePoint with the applications used every day by knowledge workers.

Ensure financial regulatory compliance with regards to content and information, and realize greater ROI on your Microsoft investment.

Realize the Benefits

Improve compliance

Retain emails and content as records. File according to legal, industry, and policy requirements

Improve discovery

Store content in the unified, reliable SharePoint repository. No more siloed inboxes or file folders. Surface information quickly

Extend your investment in Microsoft 365

Capture records to SharePoint. Fill the gap in your SharePoint solution

Increase productivity

Stay in your Office apps while capturing and filing records to SharePoint. Efficient M365 records management

Customers saved hundreds of thousands of dollars

Organizations have shied away from using SharePoint as a records management system. It’s missing key features needed for records management in Microsoft 365. Gartner notes, “SharePoint provides strong capabilities in some areas, such as architecture and integration and library services, but has weak or missing capabilities in other areas, such as capture, records management, and workflow and process.”

Colligo fills those gaps in SharePoint. We deliver a robust SharePoint Online records management solution. This means you can get  more value from SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Even better, Colligo bolsters user productivity across your enterprise and supports your information management and records management goals.

"Organizations with complex records management requirements or more than ad hoc capture requirements must purchase a third-party product to address SharePoint’s weaknesses."

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To learn more about Microsoft 365 records management with SharePoint and Colligo, get in touch.

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