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Colligo Office Connect for M365

File and tag Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files directly to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive

Our Microsoft SharePoint connector for Office applications — Colligo Office Connect for Microsoft 365 — lets you search for and open, save and tag, and work with your files stored in SharePoint in the cloud and Teams from Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. With full metadata and retention label support, your teams can file, tag, and discover content faster – without any app switching — enhancing collaboration, productivity, and accessibility.

Make SharePoint more accessible and usable, right from Office applications, and all from a familiar interface

Top benefits for end-users

Easily save content

Easily save Microsoft Office files to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive on-the-go with a familiar experience across devices.

Auto-apply labels

Automatically extract file metadata properties or manually prompt for and capture custom fields.

Stay in your Office apps

Search for or browse SharePoint content within the native interfaces of Microsoft Office Apps without the need to switch apps. Connect SharePoint to Office apps seamlessly.

Access quick links

Quickly find the right place to save content via quick links to recent and frequently-used SharePoint sites.

Top benefits for your enterprise

Reduce content sprawl

Reduce content sprawl and help ensure documents end up in the right place, properly tagged, according to policy.

Leverage your investment

Drive consumption and user-adoption of SharePoint as your system for records and knowledge management.

Improve compliance

Leverage Microsoft 365 and support BYOD without compromising information management compliance with the help of SharePoint integration.

Quickly configure

Centrally configure site access for users and groups with an administrative tool line of business and knowledge managers can use.

Features you’ll love

Colligo Office Connect for Microsoft 365

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Colligo Office Connect for Microsoft 365

Save and classify Office 365 documents – Excel, Word, and PPT right from Office 365 into SharePoint including on mobile devices.

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