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Email Manager Fills Microsoft 365 Gap Allowing Accountancy to Modernize in Cloud

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Gascoynes Accountants has been providing expert accountancy advice and services to businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk in the United Kingdom since 1987. Ten years ago, new management put the company on a growth trajectory and expanded to multiple offices across the region.

After moving to the Microsoft Cloud, the company needed a way to move emails and attachments to SharePoint. Working with Viden Consulting, Gascoynes selected Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 to efficiently capture, classify, and tag emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint. Team members now have a fast way to easily file emails to SharePoint without leaving Outlook.


Cost Savings

Eliminating a server-based document management system saves the company ~50% of total document management costs per year. Colligo filled the email to SharePoint gap to make a move to Microsoft 365 viable.

Time Savings

Staff efficiently file emails and attachments to SharePoint from Outlook, without wasting time switching apps.

Automatic Backups

Storing data securely in the Cloud eliminates the time and cost of server backups.

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Gascoynes Accountants has been providing expert accountancy advice and services to businesses in the UK since 1987.

The firm had been working with an accountancy practice manager in a server-based model with a document repository bolt-on. Due to the solution’s high-cost and company growth, Gascoynes chose to embrace the less expensive Microsoft 365 Cloud. However, the company needed a way to move emails and attachments to SharePoint Online, their designated repository.

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Viden Consulting designed and implemented a migration approach to Microsoft 365, relocating the document repository and removing the license cost. To maximize the benefit, Gascoynes selected ColligoEmail Manager.

The solution enables team members to quickly file emails directly to SharePoint from within Outlook and effectively access their data. What’s more, emails are filed with auto-applied metadata, so team members can easily search for, locate and share emails when needed.


Implementing Colligo Email Manager has allowed Gascoynes to extend the functionality of Microsoft 365 and wrap in a vital component of their business: email. The solution saves employees time filing and searching for emails, as they can remain in Outlook. As a result, end user adoption of SharePoint has grown significantly. 

Especially important to Gascoynes, the solution is fully cloud based, eliminating the need for server back ups, and accessible on mobile devices.

Filing Email in Cloud Saves Users Time, Increases Compliance & Cost Savings

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