Webinar: 5 Reasons to Use M365 as your Legal Document Management System

Webinar 5 Reasons to Use M365 as your Legal Document Management System - Image

Last Updated on June 26, 2024 Sarah Gayda

The trend is clear: corporate legal departments and in-house legal are switching off their legacy legal document management systems (DMS) in favour of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. 

All are enjoying tremendous cost savings and increased compliance as a result.  

If your legal department is considering getting on the bandwagon, or has just joined the crowd, then join us for an informative 30-minutes where you’ll learn: 

  • Latest trends in corporate legal document management 
  • The considerable cost savings to be had by making the switch to M365 for legal document management 
  • How to optimize & use SharePoint Online/M365 for your legal DMS 
  • How to efficiently deal with legal emails and attachments, the primary channel of incoming legal documents 
  • Successful examples of legal departments who’ve made the switch and are reaping the benefits 

Who should register? 

This webinar is ideal if you’re in a: 

  • Corporate legal department of a large, regulated business 
  • In-house legal department of any level of government 


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