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Colligo Email Manager for M365

Save Emails and Email Attachments Directly to SharePoint and Teams Without Leaving Outlook—On Any Device.
Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 - Outlook SharePoint Connect

Capture, classify, and tag emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint and Teams with Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365. Plus, our Outlook to SharePoint connector enables your teams to capture email and metadata into SharePoint from any device.

Make tagging & filing emails easy by connecting Outlook to SharePoint

Top benefits for end-users

File email to SharePoint

Easily file emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive. And do so on-the-go & with a familiar experience.

Auto-apply labels

Automatically extract metadata properties of emails and attachments. Or manually capture custom fields utilizing Colligo Intelligence.

Stay in your Office apps

View and browse SharePoint in Outlook. Search for content across Microsoft 365. No need to switch apps.

Enable collaboration

Email SharePoint content as links for easy collaboration. Empower file-sharing with your teams.

Top benefits for your enterprise

Get more from your investment

Drive consumption and user-adoption of SharePoint and Teams. Use M365 for records and knowledge management.

Ensure compliance

Leverage Microsoft 365 and support BYOD. And without compromising information management compliance.

Quickly configure

Centrally configure site access for users and groups with an administrative tool non-IT can use.

Deploy in minutes

Quickly deploy the SharePoint Outlook connector. Use the simple Microsoft 365 add-in framework so users get instant access.

New! Colligo Email Bulk Filing Tool

Our bulk filing tool allows you to migrate, copy, or move large quantities of emails and attachments (or folders and sub-folders) from Outlook to SharePoint. You may need to do this for records management, knowledge management or archiving purposes. 

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  •  You’ve terminated an employee(s) and need to preserve their key emails.
  •  You need to move emails from shared mailboxes to SharePoint.
  •  You want to schedule a batch copying job from project folders or sub-folders.
  •  You want to complete a one-time migration before using Colligo Email Manager.
  • You’ve implemented a new deletion policy on emails in Outlook and want employee emails archived to SharePoint.

Then our email bulk filing tool can help!

Connect Outlook to SharePoint and bulk migrate emails
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Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365

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Colligo Email Manager for M365

Save and classify emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint including on mobile devices.

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