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Colligo Engage Complete

Productive SharePoint/Office 365 access from anywhere.

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Colligo Engage Email

Fully integrated email management for SharePoint/Office 365.

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Colligo Engage Mobile

Mobile SharePoint/Office 365 access, connected or offline.

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Accelerate User Adoption

Simplify challenging tasks like metadata tagging, provide a superior way to work with and share SharePoint/Office 365 content.

Optimize the Mobile Experience

Provide quick and secure access to SharePoint/Office 365 from any device, connected or offline, in the office or in the field.

Drive Compliance

Centrally push usage policies, monitor compliance, and reduce security risks and use of unsanctioned systems.

Resources to get the most from your SharePoint investment.

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Out-of-the-Box Thinking for SharePoint Mobility - Part 1: Information Workers by Dan Holme, Todd Baginski and Barry Jinks

Best Practices for Successfully Navigating the Transition from SharePoint to Office 365 by Christian Buckley, Office 365 MVP

Cloud-First, Mobile-First SharePoint: 3 Universal Truths for Successful Deployments with Christian Buckley, Office 365 MVP