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Municipal Government Staff Save Hours Per Day with Colligo Email Manager

Large Municipal Government

Large Municipal Government Uses Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 Case Study

The municipal government of a large Canadian city had decided to move to the Microsoft cloud. They wanted an email management solution that allowed their users to stay in Outlook, yet capture, access, file, and manage both emails and attachments to SharePoint Online, their new records repository. Doing so would free up administrative time for City staff and allow them to focus on more important tasks, including delivering over 100 services to close to half a million residents in the City.

After successfully working with Colligo for years, and using the legacy version of Email Manager, upgrading to the new and improved cloud add-in was an easy choice. Installing Email Manager for Microsoft 365 took mere minutes. After very little end-user training, user adoption of the product skyrocketed.

Teams within numerous City departments quickly reported substantial time savings. Users in Human Resources and the Clerk’s Office estimate they’re saving between 30 and 60 minutes per day per user. In addition to the time savings, users appreciate how easy Colligo is to use. They can stay in Outlook and don’t have to open SharePoint Online to file emails and attachments. From the City’s point of view, improved user adoption and utilization rates mean they are receiving considerably more return on their Microsoft 365 investment.


Increased time savings

Users report saving between 30 and 60 minutes per day.

Increased Efficiencies

Staff have freed up administrative hours to devote to other, high-value parts of their jobs.

Increased Adoption of Microsoft 365

Very high adoption rates have allowed the City to derive more value from their investment.

Improved Information Governance

Easy filing of policies, claims, inspections & FOI requests according to policy

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The municipal government of a large Canadian city had been using SharePoint on-premise along with Colligo for filing emails since 2017, but was now making the switch to the Microsoft Cloud and SharePoint Online.

Multiple City departments, including Human Resources, the City Clerk’s Office, and Risk Management, needed to capture emails and attachments as records.

Critical City information such as pension forms, disability claims, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, and risk management claims was contained in employees’ emails and had to be successfully captured in the City’s new official system of record: SharePoint Online.

Accustomed to using the on-premise version of SharePoint with Colligo, users were used to staying in Outlook while seamlessly accessing and filing emails to the repository. They wanted the same experience using SharePoint Online plus an intuitive email management add-in that required minimal end-user training.

Government Email Management with Colligo


Guided by Colligo’s “excellent” support team and after a smooth trial process, the City elected to deploy the cloud version of Colligo Email Manager in conjunction with its move to Microsoft 365. The add-in was installed in a matter of minutes and users adjusted to the modern interface very quickly, a huge win for the City. 

City employees are now able to save emails and attachments to SharePoint Online from within Outlook. They can also search, access, and attach the SharePoint files they need to send by email without leaving Outlook. The ability for users to pin libraries they frequently file to for speedy access has been a particularly welcome feature.

It’s a great product. It’s intuitive, and I don’t say that very often,” says a team member in IT at the City. He adds, “Even given the rapid change our team has experienced since the pandemic and the move to Microsoft 365, user adoption of Colligo has been extremely high and I’ve had few if any issues.”

Large Municipal Government Uses Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 Case Study

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