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Large Wealth Management Firm

Wealth Management Firm Maximizes Microsoft 365 Investment & Drives Productivity With Colligo

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Firm achieves 100% user adoption, enables a remote workforce, and allows investment team to better file and share content with full suite of Colligo cloud products.

Colligo’s large wealth management customer manages over $20 billion in public equities and fixed income securities.

The company’s team of investment professionals selected the entire Colligo suite for Microsoft 365 – including Email Manager, Office Connect, and Content Manager – to:

  • Capture and classify documents with significant business value and preserve them for a set amount of time
  • Promote greater knowledge sharing amongst the team and enable users, with the correct permissions, to access content from anywhere at any time
  • Create greater accountability in the investment process


The wealth manager was able to integrate their Microsoft 365 suite using Colligo’s cloud solutions, increasing usability and collaboration for their team. True cloud add-ins with faster speed and limited downtime, Colligo products helped investment professionals to better file and share their content. The investment team:

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Business Challenge

The wealth manager had rapidly grown. The investment team had been iterating on a note sharing process for several years after outgrowing informal, in-person collaboration. There were several industry-specific Research Management Systems (RMS) platforms available; however, these platforms were expensive (some up to $2,000 per year per seat) and added several incremental steps to the team’s investment process. The team was looking for a solution that could be seamlessly implemented and require minimal incremental steps in their current workflow.

Investment professionals often receive hundreds of emails per day, yet only 5% of those typically need to be captured and tagged; content sprawl is a massive issue. The investment team needed an efficient and easy process for tagging and filing emails, but it was important not to over-capture content as well. Determining which documents and content will have future value and avoiding just filing everything was a persistent problem contributing to content proliferation.

Surfacing the right content was also a challenge. Search was daunting with hundreds of documents and multiple repositories for keeping memos, emails, and records. Investment professionals were spending far too much time searching for content. This was due to the investment team’s lack of ability to save content directly to SharePoint with the right metadata from the Office applications.

The investment team had difficulties finding other team members’ work, which created communication and collaboration problems across the team. They needed a proactive approach to filing and tagging crucial documents to ensure access and findability.

Lastly, as the financial industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries, the customer had to have a proper storage repository and be able to recall documents later to stay compliant with both firm and regulatory policies. Notably, the organization had tried other solutions unsuccessfully in the past. They had failed to see strong adoption of their SharePoint Online investment and were looking to change that with a solution that would help with broader adoption, harnessing the power of SharePoint.


Colligo’s solution enabled a seamless work experience for the investment professionals across Outlook, SharePoint Online, and the Microsoft Office applications, all heavily used in the industry and firm. The aim was to add collaboration and content management gains for the client, while still allowing team members to work the way they wanted, in applications they were familiar with, without disrupting workflows. As a result, Colligo deployed all three of its Microsoft 365 solutions.

Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 was utilized to take investment memos, company notes, and critical emails related to a particular company events and capture them into SharePoint to better classify and create records and share information. As Email Manager applies proper metadata labels upon ingestion into SharePoint, the investment team could save valuable time during the saving process and while searching for content later.

The firm also deployed Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 to better manage the company’s information once in SharePoint. Content Manager enabled better search, preview, and upload of content not in Outlook into SharePoint, delivering a much more efficient search process and allowing them to spend time working on other more important items.

Lastly, Colligo Office Connect for Microsoft 365 (previously Colligo Document Manager) was installed to capture content right from Microsoft Office applications. Financial analysts often spend quite a bit of time in Office applications like Excel and Word. Colligo was able to make saving and classification of content much more efficient and allowed the investment professionals to properly capture their work into SharePoint Online.

The financial firm was up and running on the Colligo suite of products extremely quickly, given the modern Office 365 architecture of Colligo’s add-ins that allow for speedy deployment and do away with the need for updates.

How Colligo Helped Wealth Management Firm Maximizes Microsoft 365 Investment & Drives Productivity With Colligo

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