Most people today find email to be chaotic but it’s a ubiquitous part of the digital workplace. You need to maintain complete control of email as part of an information governance framework. Colligo seamlessly extends Outlook’s capabilities to become a true collaborative interface SharePoint. This makes it a breeze for employees to share, store and search emails in SharePoint without leaving Outlook while eliminating the burden of manual record declaration. You can simplify workflows with the automated application of metadata, central configuration, and auditable reporting on usage. Colligo is the only product that caches metadata for lightning-fast classification of email content types in your document library, online or offline—meaning the technology gets out of the way and enables people to be productive with their time on a familiar user interface.


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Make records management a breeze

For many companies, emails need to be retained and controlled as records for legal reasons or compliance with business rules and information management policies. But storing emails in siloed inboxes increases liability risks and hampers discovery. Colligo makes it easy for you to enable electronic records management (RM) and for employees to capture emails right into SharePoint—all within the familiar Outlook interfaces they use every day. Automated and customized site columns, metadata, and retention labels tagging enables in-place records management and significantly improves search and discoverability in the records management system.

Case studies:


A US Federal Government Agency used Colligo to become compliant with NARA records management requirements and reduced the cost of responding to FOIA requests.


Charter Communications

Charter Communications centralized and simplified records management with Colligo and SharePoint.


Email Capture | Expertise | Colligo

Streamline project and case communication

When projects and legal cases are in full swing, emails containing critical information—like change orders or client feedback—can circulate rapidly. Your teams need an easy way to incorporate emails into the living project knowledge base. Colligo reinvents Outlook as your teams’ collaboration interface for the SharePoint document management system (DMS). Emails are easily captured into common folders, while automated and customized metadata tagging means they are searchable and accessible by the project team.

Case study:


A large global aviation organization used Colligo to improve the “findability” and volume of filed emails.

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