How to Save Outlook Attachments to SharePoint

Save Outlook Attachments to SharePoint with Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365

Last Updated on January 4, 2024 Sarah Gayda

More than 25% of business emails now contain an attachment, according to a recent study. One look in your in-box and it’s easy to see that email attachments are a ubiquitous part of everyday business communication.  

But more importantly, email attachments increasingly contain business-critical information. That means you need the best method for storing Outlook emails and attachments, so they can be efficiently surfaced again later. Enter SharePoint Online. 

4 easy steps to file email and attachments to SharePoint with Colligo 

For detailed, step-by-step instructions, refer to our blog post: How to File Email from Outlook to SharePoint. Here are the steps at a high level: 

  1. Start Colligo Email Manager 
  2. Note the metadata automatically extracted like the subject, sender, recipient, date/time sent, and more 
  3. Confirm metadata / retention labels from automation are correct, and destination (either recommended or selected) is the right spot 
  4. Hit the cloud upload button to complete 

A simple tool to save Outlook attachments to SharePoint 

If you want an easy way to save Outlook email attachments directly into SharePoint, then Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 is the best add-in available. Our email management solution, you can easily save attachments from Outlook directly into SharePoint libraries and folders. 

There’s no need for manual entry since all relevant metadata (such as sender information) can be stored automatically when files are uploaded into SharePoint repositories. Of course, you can add additional metadata and labelling fields if required.  

This makes it simple for users to search for attachments they need. It also eliminates the risk of entering incorrect data which could lead to inaccurate search results down the line.  

Why Colligo outperforms the competition  

  1. Easy Deployment: Colligo deployment is automated with zero packaging requirements. Your tenant admins can deploy in 10 minutes. 
  2. 100% Cloud Built: Colligo is a pure cloud Office 365 platform add-in. We are not using any legacy COM technology. 
  3. Full Data Security: With Colligo, all of your email data is encrypted and secure when it is uploaded to SharePoint. The platform also provides robust administrative control options so that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. 
  4. Streamlined User Experience: The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to search for, preview, and share Outlook emails directly from SharePoint. 
  5. Cost Effective Solution: Colligo offers an affordable pricing model. A great option for organizations looking to save money while improving productivity. 
  6. Enhanced Functionality: Colligo offers automated metadata extraction for search, single click filing, automated suggested locations, and more. 

Up to 50% time savings when managing emails 

Saving Outlook email attachments directly into SharePoint might seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! With Colligo Email Manager you can easily save attachments from Outlook directly into any SharePoint library (including OneDrive and Teams channels).  

By storing your email attachments with automatically extracted metadata, your documents will be easy to find. Plus, by automating metadata entry processes users can spend less time manually entering data which saves both time and money. This makes the solution ideal for end users, IT professionals and records managers alike!  

The many advantages of saving Outlook email attachments to SharePoint   

There are numerous advantages of saving Outlook email attachments to SharePoint.  

  1. Improved security & compliance: When you move email attachments to SharePoint, they are encrypted and stored in a secure environment, protecting them from unauthorized access. 
  2. Improved efficiency: Your organization can save time and energy by storing key documents in a centralized shared secure storage location rather than multiple personal mailboxes. 
  3. Easily store large attachments: SharePoint comes with a large storage capacity, making it an ideal platform for storing Outlook attachments of various sizes. Storing large emails and attachments in a single repository also keeps mailbox sizes in check. 
  4. Improved knowledge management: Saving emails and attachments to SharePoint makes work more collaborative, providing a sole source and space for shared work to happen. 
  5. Integration with other applications: By using Microsoft Business Process Automation tools, you can create automated workflows around emails filed to SharePoint.  

So why not give Colligo Email Manager a try today and get up to 50% time savings when managing emails? Unlock the power of your Outlook and Exchange accounts! Start your free trial now 

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