SharePoint-Outlook Integration

Colligo Engage helps you solve your SharePoint/Office 365 email integration challenge
with enterprise-class email and records management software for desktop and mobile devices.

Outlook File


Drive SharePoint adoption without hurting employee productivity.

  • Drag-and-drop emails and attachments to SharePoint/Office 365 within Outlook, online and offline
  • Automatically file emails to SharePoint using Send-and-File
  • Automatically move incoming emails to SharePoint using Outlook rules
  • Declare records using SharePoint’s in-place records management


Streamline collaboration and meet compliance requirements with industry-leading metadata capabilities of Colligo email manager software.

  • Automatically extract email tags with 22 common properties, such as “To”, “From”, “Subject” and “Send Date”
  • Use any of SharePoint’s metadata, including enterprise-managed metadata (taxonomies, keywords) and person/group metadata
  • Categorize emails and attachments types to comply with regulatory and organizational requirements
  • Tag documents individually or in bulk for multiple file uploads

Outlook Edit Properties



Colligo’s powerful SmartSync technology automatically resolves conflicts and makes all relevant content available to users, connected or offline, for best-in-class SharePoint email integration.

  • Users can pick entire libraries and folders or individual files to sync
  • Content managers can push content to individuals or groups for anytime access
  • IT or records managers can pre-configure which libraries and folders to sync for teams or individuals
  • Set automatic synchronization frequency or manually sync


Improve discoverability and boost worker productivity with federated search.

  • Simultaneously search Outlook, SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business for emails and attachments directly from a search pane within Outlook
  • Search on email metadata (To, Subject, etc.) or custom metadata
  • Double-click to open emails and documents directly from the search results
  • Attach an item directly from the search results to a new email
  • Send a link to an item’s SharePoint/Office 365 location from the search results
  • Leverage SharePoint’s powerful search capabilities

Outlook Find

Outlook View


View SharePoint libraries and folders within Outlook by clicking a folder in the Outlook folder tree.

  • Browse, open and preview files, lists and any other SharePoint content from within Outlook
  • View SharePoint content and access SharePoint features such as check-in, check-out within Outlook, online and offline
  • Preview items in SharePoint without the need to open them directly


Streamline collaboration, reduce storage costs, and promote SharePoint/Office 365 for enterprise content management with Colligo email manager software.

  • Email attachments as links to prevent multiple copies of the same content
  • Share SharePoint documents with fast, right-click access to ‘send as attachment’ and ‘send as link’
  • Copy SharePoint content URL for collaboration

Share in Outlook


Centrally configure access to Office 365/SharePoint sites, libraries, folders, and favorites for thousands of users, across all their devices, with a single entry. Non-technical staff, such as records managers and other business owners, can also easily manage SharePoint access for various teams.

Support corporate governance through secure, centrally-enforced policy-based SharePoint access. Policies can be set at the content, device or user level.


Understand user adoption and monitor compliance. Colligo Engage apps log all user activity and content changes to the secure Colligo Engage Console for analysis and reporting.

Examples of reports that can be generated from Colligo Engage Console data:

  • Department compliance – emails and attachments uploaded by department
  • User compliance – syncing frequency and recency
Example of activity report created using Console data

Example of activity report created using Console data

SharePoint Email Integration on Mac

Got users on Macs? Get them onto Office 365/SharePoint to comply with your email records management and regulatory policies. With the Colligo Engage Mac app, users can easily capture emails and attachments in SharePoint from the convenience of Finder.

Mac metadata email prompt

Colligo Engage for Mac app, email metadata prompt

Mac Emails in Finder view

Colligo Engage for Mac app, emails in Finder view