Colligo Blog: Email Management

Email Metadata: Key to Your Document Management Strategy

Storing email in SharePoint with automatically extracted metadata is ideal to capture and preserve records and knowledge. Colligo Email Manager facilitates quick and easy email capture along with pertinent metadata.

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Three Takeaways: Mastering Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Event

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Event

We’re sharing 3 takeaways from AIIM’s Mastering Your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Investment: Moving from Rapid Adoption to Sensible Maturity event.

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Colligo Email Manager 365 extends email management to OneDrive

Colligo Email Manager integrates Outlook 365 + OneDrive

The latest release of Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 integrates Outlook 365 with OneDrive for Business. Knowledge workers can now stay in Outlook and save emails to OneDrive with metadata, and there’s improved Email Manager integration with Microsoft Teams.

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Introducing Content Manager from Colligo: explore SharePoint right from Outlook

Colligo Cntent Manager for Microsoft 365

As more organizations support work from home and shift to Microsoft 365, Colligo continues to lead with solutions to reduce data sprawl, search struggles and data silos. Meet Colligo’s newest solution: Content Manager for Microsoft 365.

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How best to use Microsoft 365 & SharePoint when working from home

Colligo | Blog | How to Use Office 365 and SharePoint from home: Easy Tips for Video, Email, Documents

As we continue working from home, it’s a good time to use Office 365 and SharePoint, to stay more connected and more productive. Here are some power tips for video, email and documents, that will keep you close to your workmates, and keep your SharePoint files in order.

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Colligo Q&A: Top 2020 trends in Microsoft 365 adoption, SharePoint integration

Information governance is critical as firms continue to work remote. Join Colligo’s CEO Tim Brady and Pre-sale Engineer, Roland Reddekop, as they share insights on 2020’s key trends, including Microsoft 365 adoption, and using SharePoint Online to support content management and records management.

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Will Teams replace email? Why email records management is still vital with the transition to remote work

Colligo | Blog | Will Teams replace email? Why email records management is still vital with the transition to remote work

Microsoft Teams has quickly become a favourite communications tool as organizations transition to remote work, but email remains the most widespread form of communication and a top priority for knowledge and records management.

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Use email management tools to avoid Information silos during remote work

Email remains the most used communication tool even as we work remotely. Where are all those emails getting stored right now? Are the one with critical information easy to find and share with other workers that need them? If you want remote workers to take email management seriously, don’t ask them to leave Outlook to capture files to SharePoint.

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Colligo 2019: Our Biggest Milestones and Best Reads

Colligo | Blog | Colligo 2019: Our biggest milestone and best reads

Colligo COO Loic Triger takes a moment to reflect on the biggest milestones and highlights from the past year.

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Email Manager for Office 365 – Email and File Capture for the Modern Workforce

The move to Office 365 is radically changing the way we interact and collaborate with our peers. Its extensive suite of cloud-based applications gives employees remarkable flexibility in how and where they work.

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