5 Tips for Healthy Information Governance in 2024

Shape Up Your Data 5 Tips for a Healthy Information Governance in 2024 Blog Post Image

Last Updated on January 10, 2024 Sarah Gayda

Shape up your data in the New Year & improve your organization’s health

New Year, New Resolutions! While hitting the gym and eating healthier often top our lists, it’s time we extend this ‘get fit’ mentality to our digital lives.  

Just like how maintaining a healthy lifestyle leads to a happier you, managing and governing your information properly can significantly impact your organization’s health.  

As we step into 2024, let’s talk about whipping our data into shape! It’s time for a robust information governance plan to keep your digital assets fit, secure, and primed for success. 

Top 5 recommendations for healthy information governance in the New Year 

  1. Stop using Outlook as a storage repository – Both Exchange Online archiving and Outlook archiving fall way short when it comes to email records management. Instead, move emails to SharePoint to manage them as records and secure your company data. Learn more about how to rock email retention in Microsoft 365Also, A SharePoint email archiving solution is especially useful for dealing with inboxes of staff or contractors who have left your company. Read more. 
  2. Use automation for increased email compliance – Schedule the filing of large batches of emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint on a regular, automated basis. This way you eliminate time-consuming manual processes and decrease your risk on non-compliance. Read more about Colligo’s one-of-a-kind bulk filing tool. 
  3. Make metadata your best friend Attaching metadata to documents and email is crucial for finding important records at a later date. It’s also a key component of preparing your enterprise content for AI, ensuring you can harness value from this burgeoning new technology. Read more about how to get your company’s data AI-ready. 
  4. Rely on the security and governance capabilities of Microsoft Purview – This is a great tool for defining retention rules for sites and content using retention policies and retention labels. Then, layer on Colligo for email management. Read more about how Purview and Colligo work together. 
  5. Foster a Culture of Information Governance – Educate and engage your employees in the importance of information governance through training programs and continuous communication. Encourage a culture where data stewardship and compliance are integral parts of daily operations. Make this as easy and seamless as possible by enabling them to stay in their Office apps while quickly and compliantly filing content to SharePoint. 

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Remember, a healthy information governance strategy is an ongoing process. Embrace these recommendations to continue your journey towards a robust data management framework in 2024.  

We can help. Talk to us about how to ensure your digital assets remain secure, compliant, and efficient throughout the year and beyond. 


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