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Email Metadata: Key to Your Document Management Strategy

Storing email in SharePoint with automatically extracted metadata is ideal to capture and preserve records and knowledge. Colligo Email Manager facilitates quick and easy email capture along with pertinent metadata.

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Three Takeaways: Mastering Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Event

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Event

We’re sharing 3 takeaways from AIIM’s Mastering Your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Investment: Moving from Rapid Adoption to Sensible Maturity event.

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A Practical Guide for Metadata Implementation in SharePoint – Part 3

This is the third and final short article in our series. We help you navigate the intricacies of a proper metadata implementation in SharePoint. This is also where many IT pros get a little overconfident with their newfound knowledge and run into challenges

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Colligo 2020: Our Biggest Milestones and Best Reads

Colligo CEO Tim Brady takes a moment to reflect on the biggest milestones and highlights from the past year.

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Colligo Email Manager 365 extends email management to OneDrive

Colligo Email Manager integrates Outlook 365 + OneDrive

The latest release of Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 integrates Outlook 365 with OneDrive for Business. Knowledge workers can now stay in Outlook and save emails to OneDrive with metadata, and there’s improved Email Manager integration with Microsoft Teams.

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Remote information management with Office 365 and SharePoint

Office 365 + SharePoint remote records management

The risks of unmanaged information for finance, HR and legal teams grow daily with remote work. How can businesses equip key divisions to easily capture files for quick search and sharing, while reducing risks of data breach, legal exposure and compliance violation?

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A Practical Guide for Metadata Implementation in SharePoint – Part 2

SharePoint Metadata Implementation content types

Now that you understand what metadata is and why it’s useful, in part 2 of our Practical Guide for Metadata Implementation in SharePoint, we explore how using Content Types in SharePoint provides powerful metadata functionality and search.

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Gartner reports: third-party apps needed to unlock the full value of SharePoint

A recent Gartner report highlights gaps in SharePoint that third-party software vendors can fill for enterprise information capture, collaboration and document management. Learn about Gartner’s findings and how Colligo extends the value of SharePoint.

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A Practical Guide for Metadata in SharePoint – Part 1

What makes the difference between a quick search for a file and a long and arduous one? Its metadata. In this first article of our Practical Guide for Metadata Implementation in SharePoint, we tackle what is metadata and how to use effectively for search – including with our Content Manager.

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Introducing Content Manager from Colligo: explore SharePoint right from Outlook

Colligo Cntent Manager for Microsoft 365

As more organizations support work from home and shift to Microsoft 365, Colligo continues to lead with solutions to reduce data sprawl, search struggles and data silos. Meet Colligo’s newest solution: Content Manager for Microsoft 365.

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