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AIIM Reports Many SharePoint Projects Don’t Reach their Full Potential. Why?


This summer, AIIM surveyed its members. While 28% of information managers reported that their SharePoint projects have been a success, 55% indicated quite the opposite. The Impact of SharePoint – 2016 study explained that “most enterprise projects suffer from high expectations and low outcomes, so it is of no surprise that respondents view their SharePoint …

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On August 17, AIIM, Gimmal & Colligo are joining forces to bring you the latest SharePoint trends so your next move is a big success!


With the release of SharePoint 2016 comes options. What’s your next move?  Microsoft is touting the benefits of SharePoint 2016. Are these pertinent to your organization? Have your needs evolved? Will you upgrade or can you simply adjust your current set-up? In their recent SharePoint Industry Watch survey, AIIM asked its community a variety of …

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Collaborating Anywhere: My Discussion with New Microsoft SharePoint Director Dan Holme


Recently, I had the distinct privilege to join Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365 product leaders Dan Holme, Reuben Krippner, Chris McNulty, and Mark Kashman for a spirited discussion on the new Microsoft SharePoint mobile portfolio, and how the newly-released Colligo Engage platform complements those Microsoft mobile applications. Our 90-minute event—“Collaborate Anywhere: SharePoint & OneDrive …

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“Collaborate Anywhere” – Microsoft/Colligo Joint Webinar Monday, June 20!


We just launched Colligo Engage 2016, the next generation mobile content management platform for the collaborative enterprise. This release comes on the heels of Microsoft’s recently announced mobile-first vision and roadmap for SharePoint. Our two launches coincided, but not by mere coincidence: The Colligo-Microsoft partnership dates back more than ten years, and we’re a proud …

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Announcing Colligo Engage 2016: The Next Generation in Mobile Content Management for the Collaborative Enterprise


Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of Colligo Engage 2016, the essential mobile content management platform for every worker to access and contribute to corporate information in any content store, on any device, from any location. The complete Colligo Engage 2016 platform consists of the Colligo Engage Email application suite, the Colligo Engage Mobile …

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No More Trials: Introducing the Colligo Engage 2016 Five-for-Free License Program


In addition to today’s big launch news (Colligo Engage 2016!), we’re also introducing a new way to get to know Colligo products. Starting today, you can get up to five licenses of Colligo Engage 2016 FREE. Five seats. Free. In perpetuity. And yes, that’s five users of Colligo Engage Complete free, with full functionality, on …

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Colligo Briefcase for iOS App is now available in the AppStore – and the first five users are free!


The new Colligo Briefcase for iOS app is now available in the Apple AppStore, and it unites the former Colligo Briefcase Lite app, Colligo Pro app, and Colligo Briefcase Enterprise app into one. Those older apps will be retired from the AppStore over the next month. If you are a Colligo Briefcase for iOS “Lite”, “Pro”, …

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Security is a major concern when mobilizing SharePoint. Here are 5 ways to keep your content secure.


If you’re worried about security when mobilizing SharePoint content, you’re in good company. In a recent webinar “Enterprise Mobility: Awakening the SharePoint Force,” we asked participants how concerned they were about the security of SharePoint content on mobile devices. Just about everyone expressed concern: Colligo Engage can keep your mobile SharePoint content highly secure in …

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Using Azure Stream Analytics for Content Tracking and Governance


This is the first in a series of developer blog posts on Azure, analytics, and Big Data in the Colligo Engage cloud solution. The Colligo Mission The Colligo Engage platform collects and stores actions performed by users against content for engagement and governance analysis. For example, whenever files are synced to a device or a …

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Governance in the real-world. Did your pilot read the latest 787 manual before takeoff?


You just got on a plane to fly to a business meeting. It’s a new 787. Did your pilot read the most up-to-date manual before takeoff? To comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, airlines are required to provide proof that their pilots have opened the most current versions of their digital flight manuals. Colligo …

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