Colligo News6 Business Drivers for Information Governance

In today’s rapidly evolving digital business environment, compliance certainly remains the top reason driving organizations to bolster information governance, according to AIIM. But in a recent webinar with KM World – Taking Information Governance to the Next Level – I discussed 5 additional reasons that enterprises are investing in governance.

While compliance is the number one driver, there are many reasons enterprises want to better govern information. Digital workplace heroes – including IT professionals, information managers, and knowledge managers – want to ensure that workers are using information more effectively so they can become more productive. These heroes want to streamline processes and workflows to make employees more efficient. They also strive to support the effective sharing of knowledge across an organization, often for competitive reasons.

As you know, there are also legal reasons to continuously improve information governance. Managing storage includes the defensible deletion of information. You don’t want to store everything for all time, so it’s important to have processes in place to legally delete information. As well, preventing data loss is critical to ensure that corporate information doesn’t get in the wrong hands, creating legal liability.

So while the top three business drivers according to the AIIM survey are compliance, preventing data loss and knowledge sharing, there is a broad range of reasons to govern the information to support operational excellence, worker productivity, and business results.

Here is a 2-minute video excerpt on this topic:

Stay tuned for more short excerpts from this KM World webinar … or watch the full recording here.

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