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The True Cost of Non-Compliance

noncompliance costs and correcting non-compliance

How implementing a stringent information management program can offset the staggering risks of non-compliance for a comparatively low cost

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How to File Email from Outlook to SharePoint

Outlook to SharePoint

4 easy steps to access SharePoint from Outlook and file emails, and how you can ensure compliance using Colligo’s SharePoint connector

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Highlights and Key Learnings From AIIM Conference 2022

AIIM Conference 2022 Denver Logo

Getting executive buy-in for information management programs remains a challenge, but attendees found strength (and tips) in numbers

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Microsoft 365 Conference Embraces Microsoft Viva, Teams

Microsoft 365 Conference Banner

Top themes and highlights from the conference including best practices around modern work and collaboration, and the latest from Microsoft MVPs

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Top 3 Trends Emerging From Document Strategy Forum 2022

Document Strategy Forum 2022

DSF ’22 surfaced a few trends we want to highlight including more regulation in the financial services industry and AI in content management

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Why Collaboration & Compliance Need to Peacefully Co-Exist

Compliant Collaboration

Three tips to facilitate collaboration amongst your team while ensuring your company remains compliant with regulatory or industry policies.

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Paid for Microsoft 365 E5 Licenses and Not Using Them?

Microsoft 365 E5 Licenses

Lack of SharePoint user adoption could be could be costing you money and negatively impacting productivity. Get suggestions for how to fix this.

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4 Reasons To Use Colligo Content Manager + SharePoint

Colligo Content Manager for SharePoint content management

Find out how to corral your content sprawl, achieve greater information governance, and get more out of your Microsoft investment with Colligo Content Manager.

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How to Solve the Problem of Search with SharePoint Metadata

How to Solve the Problem of Search with Metadata Image

The importance of auto-applied metadata for surfacing content, how organizations are using metadata today, and how Colligo add-ins can help.

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Why You Should Tag Your Enterprise Content

Why You Should Tag Your Enterprise Content

A 45-minute webinar on using labels and tagging to supercharge your search experience and empower your team to surface documents quickly and accurately

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