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Last Updated on May 21, 2024 Sarah Gayda

Insights from IRMS Conference & Microsoft IM Tech Summit 2024

Change is the only constant in modern business, and this year’s “Tides of Change” event, hosted by the Information & Records Management Society (IRMS), was the premier forum exploring the future of information management. Immediately following, the Microsoft IM Tech Summit Europe 2024 focused on information governance and risk management within Microsoft 365.

As a delegate at both events, I was immersed in a wealth of customer-led insights, highlighting the thriving field of information governance. New faces, skills, working methods, and technologies were at the forefront of discussions.

This blog post captures my experiences and key takeaways from these two pivotal events.

Top 3 themes of the IRMS Conference

The IRMS Conference sessions emphasized three key themes: (gen) AI, data privacy and security, and the critical role of information governance professionals.

1.      AI in information governance: friend or foe?

The role of AI was a major topic across the event. In particular, its dependence on accurate, updated information. Discussions emphasized the risks of incorrect, outdated, or poor-quality data impacting AI outcomes.

And in some side conversations it became apparent that delegates are grappling with the challenge of managing emails. Specifically, they are trying to figure out how to balance governance, privacy, and email asset ownership.

For more on this topic, view our free webinar: Is Your Data Ready for AI?

2.      Data privacy and security

The importance of robust information governance in protecting data privacy and security was underscored. Sessions stressed the privacy concerns and security risks from poorly implemented AI or data breaches. They also highlighted the need for strong governance frameworks.

3.      The pivotal role of information governance specialists

Vivienne Artz OBE kicked off the event with a thought-provoking presentation on emerging trends and how information governance professionals can provide invaluable oversight to drive value from data.

Information governance professionals emerge as essential in navigating the complexities involving business, legal, compliance, privacy, and IT stakeholders. Their role is crucial in achieving business efficiencies, managing risks, protecting privacy, and deploying the right technologies effectively.

Highlights from the Microsoft IM Tech Summit Europe

On the following day, the Microsoft IM Tech Summit Europe showcased how Microsoft supports navigating the “Tides of Change.” The event kicked off with Bernd Vellguth, a Microsoft Global Black Belt specialist for Risk Management and Compliance. Bernd provided a demonstration of Microsoft’s Copilot and emphasized the importance of securing and governing information.

Renowned Microsoft MVP Joanne C Klein highlighted Microsoft Purview’s capabilities in a scenario involving employee departure, sparking discussions on safeguarding valuable business information in emails. You can read more on this topic in our blog Email Archive Solution for Departing Staff & Contractors.

Customer-led insights also proved invaluable at the conference. Susan Lamb’s session on Shell’s global implementation of IG policies underscored the importance of collaboration between business, legal and IT for successful information governance was a must-see.

Overheard in the halls

We’ve got our ears to the ground to keep you informed on the latest in the information governance world. Here are a few notable one-liners we heard at the conferences:

  • “Senior management doesn’t really understand the breadth of information governance and where it touches the business.”
  • “I’m sitting on years of email history, but I’m struggling to combine and adequately govern my email and other content in a consistent way.”
  • “My current ERMS is outdated, and I want to move my content to my existing M365 platform.”
  • “Microsoft Copilot requires governance.”

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To learn more about topics presensted at the IRMS Conference or Microsoft IM Tech Summit, or for information on email records management, we welcome you to get in touch.

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