Intelligent SharePoint Online Migration Is Easier Than Ever

SharePoint governance & compliance requirements increase for enterprises considering SharePoint migration

Last Updated on May 15, 2023 Sarah Gayda

Majority of companies looking to migrate to SharePoint Online soon & proactively implement governance and compliance measures from the get-go 

Many organizations have yet to move to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online, according to our recent findings. However, it’s clear that most companies are keen to get there as soon as possible to reap the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud. In fact, teams are actively investigating options and planning their migrations.  

Many organizations have yet to move to Microsoft 365, but are actively preparing 

During How to Compliantly & Seamlessly Migrate to SharePoint Online, our recent webinar, 37% of attendees reported they are still on Documentum/OpenText Content Server/FileNet. Another 24% are still using SharePoint on premise as their content repository. And unfortunately, 20% are still storing content in network drives and file shares. 

How to Compliantly & Seamlessly Migrate to SharePoint Online Webinar Poll Results
Source: Colligo Webinar

Migration to SharePoint Online is a journey 

The silver lining in this is that many organizations are actively looking to move to SharePoint Online and enable information governance and compliance once there. We view it as a two-step journey.  

  1. Move to your new repository — hopefully SharePoint Online.  
  1. Once migrated, implement solutions that support better information governance and records management. If you do this right from the start, you ensure your new system is organized, compliant, and usable.  

Microsoft 365 top choice of enterprise ECM 

We believe Microsoft SharePoint Online (and Microsoft 365) is the best choice for your enterprise content management system. Why?  Its scalability, collaborative capabilities, and security, and the broader Microsoft ecosystem of partners.  

However, we understand that not all are convinced — yet. The good news is Xillio and Colligo offer a comprehensive modern ECM replacement solution with SharePoint Online at its core. Everything you demand from an enterprise-grade and scalable content management system, built for the modern world of work. 

End-to-end capabilities for those moving to Microsoft 365 

Colligo and Xillio recently created a strategic partnership to deliver end-to-end, Microsoft 365 enterprise migration capabilities to organizations across the globe. Under the new partnership, Colligo will begin offering SharePoint migration services 

We see this as extremely advantageous for our customers. We can now provide a more complete solution, so our customers can move their older content, not on Microsoft 365, to SharePoint Online. Once fully migrated, they can start or continue to work with better records management and in a more compliant way.  

Colligo fills the records management & governance gaps in SharePoint 

Moving your content to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online is an imperative for modern work. But most enterprises demand more collaboration and more complex governance capabilities than Microsoft offers out-of-the-box.  

We like to say SharePoint gets you 80% of the way. To get you all the way there, Colligo’s SharePoint solutions bring the additional records management and governance capabilities required in today’s world of work.  

Enterprises have more robust needs around email management and document management. Colligo meets enterprise demands, which, in turn, drives greater adoption of Microsoft 365.  

Let’s get started

If you’re looking at migrating to Microsoft 365 or are already on Microsoft 365, we’ve got you covered. We’ve extended Colligo capabilities to intelligently migrate, manage and govern your content in the cloud.  

For more information on SharePoint migration or implementing an effective governance program in SharePoint Online, get in touch. We’d love to chat. 

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