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Colligo’s SharePoint migration tools and services make migration easy. We ensure your organization enjoys a pain-free migration experience to SharePoint Online, no matter how complex your enterprise content management environment is.

We can have your organization up and running in the Microsoft cloud more efficiently than anyone else. With our full Enterprise Content Management (ECM) replacement, we ensure all your data is smoothly migrated.

We have the SharePoint migration tool that’s right for you

Perhaps parts of your organization are using SharePoint Online while others have yet to move. Or perhaps you’re still using another legacy ECM system like Documentum or OpenText. Whatever the case, we have the tools to ensure your migration goes smoothly with minimal disruption to your business.

We use repository connectors that allow read and write functionalities. With the connectors, we can easily migrate content between the source system and Microsoft 365. Common migrations include:

Benefits of SharePoint Online Migration

Increase scalability

Access greater storage capacity. Quickly and easily scale up or down as your needs change.

Improve collaboration

Enable your teams to collaborate more effectively. Provide a secure environment for sharing sensitive information with partners or customers.

Decrease costs

Do away with the price of physical hardware and IT staff to maintain it all. Be done with expensive legacy ECM systems.

Reduce risks

Minimize your risk of data loss and data leakage.

Fortify security

Leverage Microsoft’s world-class cloud security in Microsoft 365.

Invest with the best

Avoid paying for multiple systems. Leverage your existing investment in Microsoft.

It’s time to get off your clunky, legacy ECM system

Your ECM can be described as ‘legacy’ if it interferes with your business objectives. Is your ECM no longer supported? Is it built on outdated technology? Does it no longer fit in your content architecture?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it may be time to take steps to secure your valuable content. Legacy technology, legacy databases and legacy support can be costly to maintain. When you’re already paying for Microsoft 365 licenses, it only makes sense to get more for your money.

It’s time to get off your clunky, legacy ECM system. Image
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The end of MS support for SharePoint 2013 is approaching

Sticking with SharePoint on-premise solution may seem like the simplest option — but it comes with additional costs and risks.

Microsoft announced it will end support for SharePoint 2013 soon. The end of support for SharePoint 2016 will not be far behind. Remaining on these platforms leaves your organization vulnerable to security and compliance risks.

Proactively enable strong information governance in SharePoint Online

Empower effective and compliant document & records management after your move to SP Online. Colligo’s suite of products for Microsoft 365 provide a seamless front-end to SharePoint.

Colligo products let users easily save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Even better, as users save files to SharePoint, retention and sensitivity labels are automatically applied. This means information governance and compliance at your organization greatly improve.

Also, our SharePoint solutions improve SharePoint functionality and dramatically increase user adoption. This means you’ll get more from your Microsoft 365 investment after you migrate. Turn SharePoint Online into your full ECM replacement solution with Colligo.

Proactively enable strong information governance in SharePoint Online. Image
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Let’s get started

Our SharePoint migration tools enable you to quickly and easily transfer data from your existing ECM, with minimal disruption. What are you waiting for?

Our expert team is ready to provide you with all the migration tools, services, support, and training you need. Let’s make your migration project a success, so you can unlock all the benefits of SharePoint Online.

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