SharePoint Add-Ins Improve Search & Deliver Measurable ROI

Last Updated on July 13, 2021 by Sarah Gayda

Searching For and Recreating Information is a Massive Time Waste 

Microsoft recently published a report that says employees spend about 1 hour a day – up to 20 hours a month or up to 7 weeks a year – searching for or recreating information. The Spiceworks Ziff Davis’ research into knowledge sharing trends found that:  

  • “Organizations can potentially save employees five to eight weeks of productivity a year, if employees can efficiently find and use the knowledge available to them.  
  • On average, employees could potentially save between four to six hours each week if they didn’t have to search for information—or spend time recreating it. In other words, they could potentially get back 11% to 14% in daily productivity, rather than downloading the same file multiple times, digging through endless document folders, searching email archives, etc.” 

At the same time, the report points out that email remains the most dominant method for sharing information in 75% of organizations. McKinsey analysis indicates that “the average professional spends 28% of the workday reading and answering email,” amounting to 2.6 hours per day for the average full-time worker.  

For more on how much the ability to save, search, and share information is impacting your organization, Colligo created a powerful infographic.   

Calculate Your ROI to Justify Software Spending 

Given the staggering statistics on just how much time – and money – is wasted searching for and recreating information, you’d think it would be easy to justify spending on software and solutions that facilitate and expedite the search process. After all, who wouldn’t want employees to free up more time in their day? But rationalizing IT spending can be challenging.  

Colligo add-in products for Microsoft 365 – including Email Manager, Content Manager, and Office Connect –  improve the functionality of SharePoint and let you maximize your investment. They make it easy to save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Word, Excel and Microsoft 365/Microsoft Office 365, and find and share files faster. In fact, our customers report that their employees save about 50% in search time by using Colligo. 

To help you visualize and quantify how much money your organization can save by using Colligo products, and justify your spending, we created an interactive ROI Calculator. The tool allows you to quickly calculate: 

  • Average daily search cost per employee 
  • Daily productivity improvement across your organization and your cost savings 
  • Annual productivity improvement and your cost savings 

Colligo’s applications for the Microsoft Cloud and 365 not only unlock ROI for end-users, but also for the organization. We find many organizations have spent millions of dollars on their Microsoft 365 deployment, but many see low employee adoption and buy in. We aim to help organizations get more out of their Microsoft 365 deployment by making the Microsoft suite more usable and accessible, delivering a return on previous investments.  

In addition to saving you money, Colligo products enable collaboration and increase your team’s productivity, while enabling compliance and governance. And just think about what you and your employees could be doing with an extra hour per day or an extra 5-8 weeks a year. 

Interested in how Colligo’s Microsoft 365 add-ins can improve search and save your organization time and money? We can help – get in touch.    

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