Search & Browse Like Never Before With Updated Email Manager

Latest updates quicken search time and drive costs down 

Finding content continues to be a significant waste of time for knowledge workers everywhere. In fact, according to McKinsey, employees spend 1.8 hours a day, nearly 20 percent of their work week, searching for documents. Colligo continually aims to reduce this cost burden on both workers and organizations alike.  

In the latest Email Manager for Microsoft 365 (Office 365), we’ve added several new features, including the ability to search for content across all SharePoint Online sites, OneDrive, and Teams locations to help surface the content you need – when you need it. Not only does this help improve productivity for knowledge workers and professionals, but it also lowers the total economic cost for organizations with team members wasting less time in ‘search mode. 

You asked, we listened  

Microsoft Outlook is the most used application for managing emails and the most used medium to connect and collaborate with team members, clients, and external partners. Knowledge workers, including our own team members, spend 40% of their time in the Outlook or other email application.

Given this — and thanks to the valuable input from our customers — we added the ability to turn on browsing capabilities in Email Manager for Microsoft 365. This new feature allows users to browse content from within our application in Outlook.

We’re excited about our recent updates, and many of our loyal customers are as well. Here are some further details on the release items in v1.10:  

Enhanced search in Microsoft 365 environment 

With the release of v1.10, our cloud-based Email Manager now supports the searching of content across all SharePoint Online sites, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams locations. You can continue to use Email Manager as you always have, but now you have the enhanced ability to surface the content you want, when you need to find it 

To search for files, sites, and libraries across the Microsoft 365 environment: 

  1. Open the Email Manager add-in by clicking the Colligo icon from the main menu bar (Home tab) in Outlook 
  2. Once in the Email Manager add-in, click on the Search icon 
  3. Enter the word or a phrase that you would like to search, and press enter key 

Email Manager for Microsoft 365 will now search the SharePoint online sites, OneDrive, and Teams sites to display search results. This will be a welcome bonus to any knowledge worker utilizing more than just SharePoint and Outlook as part of their Microsoft 365 workflow. 

Once the search result is displayed, the system will show the following refiners: 

  • All (default) returns everything 
  • Sites to show only the matched sites 
  • Libraries to show only the matched libraries 
  • Folders to show only the matched folders 
  • Files to show only the matched files 

Browsing of Microsoft 365 applications from within Outlook 

Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 now provides the option for organizations to turn on browsing capabilities for improved productivity. Workers can access content from their SharePoint Online sites, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams team within the same interface 

From this single view within Email Manager, your team members can now do following: 

  • Open the chosen file in a separate browser window for better viewing 
  • Pin this folder location for future quick access  
  • Access the content of the folder from the single view 

Keep in mind, Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 provides various ways to view and browse your Microsoft 365 locations: 

  • My Pinned locations – Displays a list of all locations you’ve pinned for faster access 
  • My Recently Filed Locations – View your recently accessed locations 
  • Microsoft 365 Locations – The default view displays a list of SharePoint sites, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams locations 

While this release is packed with features, the two highlighted above – enhanced search and browsing – were the most in demand from our customer base. At Colligo, we are always working to provide a better user experience and unlock productivity and governance gains for our customers, using the latest and most innovative methods. 

Happy capturing! 

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