AIIM On Air: Content Integration to Unlock Performance

Colligo CEO and AIIM Leadership Council member Tim Brady was a guest on the AIIM On Air Podcast, joining host Kevin Craine to discuss content management approaches that bring about more efficient capture of information and help unlock performance productivity by improving enterprise collaboration.

Sharing his insights on industry trends, Tim states “Every company needs to digitalize and adopt modern working technologies, or they face the risk of being disrupted and no longer relevant. It’s a secular trend that was taking place anyway, but has been accelerated over the last year. Businesses must consider how intelligent information management needs to be a layer to how they compete.”

Addressing the essential role of information management in business, AIIM declares “Our ability to intelligently capture information in an automated and consistent way, share it with teams, customers and partners, and integrate that content into business processes is a core element of Intelligent Information Management. Indeed, this is the “on-ramp” to the process improvements using information to drive organizational performance.”

Listen to the full podcast.

Read the AIIM article.

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