Intuitive SharePoint Access from Office 365

Leveraging the power of SharePoint is a breeze when you can do it right from within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Users get instant access wherever they are logged in, and don’t need to know to use or navigate SharePoint itself.
Colligo Document Manager for Office 365 | Products | Colligo

Find Content and Collaborate Faster

Use sorting and filtering tools to quickly search SharePoint and find and open the files you need, without leaving the Office app you’re working in.

Navigate recent and favorite locations with ease. SharePoint views associated with your content are shown right in the Office apps when searching for or saving files. You can even create new a document set from the same interface.

Colligo Document Manager for Office 365 | Products | Colligo
Colligo Document Manager for Office 365 | Products | Colligo

Activate the Benefits of Advanced Data Governance

Get the structured content you need to take full advantage of the security, compliance, and scalability of Microsoft’s Advanced Data Governance features.

Automatically extract metadata, with full support for customized fields based on your own SharePoint content types. Prompt for labels to leverage SharePoint’s features for records management, retention, and disposition.

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