Email and Document Management Systems for Government

Email and Document Management for Government

All public officials and government agencies have the accountability to protect their public records—including emails. These records must be retained and available for retrieval as evidence of business activities, and to meet legislative, government, and departmental requirements for transparency. With the need for every individual employee in government offices to create, share, and store emails in accordance with these government regulations, it is critical that agency administrators have effective email records management systems.

By extending the capabilities of SharePoint, Colligo’s email and document management solutions ensure that emails and electronic records are appropriately managed, tagged, stored, and accessible for discovery. Employees can easily capture email and documents from everyday applications like Microsoft Outlook and Windows Explorer, ensuring that critical content is easily moved from personal PSTs and filestores to SharePoint libraries.

Easy filing options and rich metadata support make it easy for personnel to store and locate email records in accordance with government policies. Federated Outlook/SharePoint search capabilities and offline access ensure access to up-to-date information, driving collaboration and productivity within government organizations.

Colligo Engage for Government

  • Increase collaboration and drive informed-decision making by ensuring real-time & up-to-date access to emails and documents
  • Simplify compliance with legislative, government, and departmental requirements for email records management
  • Ensure that documents, emails, and attachments remain accessible in the corporate electronic document management system in accordance with retention policies
  • Reduce time spent searching for paper documents and eliminate the risk of storing important paperwork and sensitive documents in filing cabinets
  • Centrally administer agency-, role-, or user-specific access permissions to SharePoint content
  • Easily classify email records at creation with standard and departmental-specific metadata
  • Easily migrate teams to SharePoint from Outlook mailboxes and Exchange Public Folders
  • Simplify maintenance and reduce costs by consolidating legacy systems
  • Drive adoption of SharePoint as your government records management and archive system

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