Fresh New Website to Reflect Revitalized Colligo 2.0

Colligo launches new website

Last Updated on May 15, 2023 by Sarah Gayda

Dedication to delivering optimal customer value from Microsoft 365 investments while improving governance and compliance comes through in modern web appearance 

Notice something different about us today? Colligo has an updated new look! Same great team, same great products – just a refreshed website to complement our innovative, user-friendly content and email management add-ins. While Colligo embarked on our transformative journey to the cloud and Microsoft 365 three years ago, our updated website reflects the changes that have transpired and offers a fresh new look and feel to keep up to speed with our applications. 

As Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” So astutely, we changed our web presence to foster a forum to share customer successes, recognize our trusted and valued partners, provide top-quality learning resources for our valued community, and encourage dialogue and communication.  

Colligo 2.0 – Spotlight on the cloud  

We’ve been around a long time – since 2000, in fact – and many of you have trusted and depended on us for decades. But the new Colligo, or Colligo 2.0, as we’ve been termed, emerged in January 2020 when incoming CEO Tim Brady took charge.   

Seeing the rapid ascent of cloud-based technologies and the rise of hybrid and modern work during the pandemic, Tim knew the company had to be laser-focused on Microsoft 365 and offer companies the flexibility and power they required to meet new challenges in content management and information governance.  

After building up an extremely talented team, securing capital, and releasing new products and enhancements, we decided it was time for an updated online presence to both mirror our trusted, longstanding brand and tell our modern-day story. 

New website features simplified navigation and rich educational resources  

We invite you to browse through our new site! Here are a few things you’ll notice:  

  • A simplified information architecture 
  • A plethora of educational resources 
  • Emphasis on our flagship cloud suite of products 
  • Tailored content for specific industries and use cases  
  • An updated partner section with a partial list of businesses we have partnerships with (more to come!) 
  • Many fantastic testimonials from our customers speaking to the value of our products 

Deep commitment to customers remains true 

Working with Microsoft SharePoint since the early days, we evolved our solutions from on-premise to SharePoint Online compatibility to parallel our customers’ shift to the cloud.  

We continue to create the best SharePoint apps available on the market to drastically simplify SharePoint management for our customers and deliver on the ‘promise’ of SharePoint Online & Microsoft 365. At the same time, we’re advancing our powerful content management solution for Microsoft 365 for global enterprises. 

While we may look a bit different today, our website is just the latest in a series of incredibly positive company changes. What remains the same is our full commitment to helping your organization best utilize and protect the valuable information created and shared by your workers every day.  

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