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Are you one of many IT leaders sighing with relief after making it through the first wave of COVID-19 impact?

As IT departments got news of the work-from-home requirements, they had to sort out how to get people set up to work remotely and stay productive. For many that meant not just figuring out out-of-office access to systems, but actually purchasing computers and getting them shipped to employees’ houses.

Now we’re hearing most folks are in a second wave of putting in place the tools for team collaboration and some guidelines to keep corporate files in some semblance of order.

The risks ahead remain pertinent. Either employees take on some responsibility to help keep files sorted or we’ll all return to the office and find we’ve got a giant mess to clean up.

We want to help you, the unsung heroes working to keep employees productive, and knowledge management and records management on the rails right now. We held a webinar in May 2020 and invited IT leaders to ask us anything about how to use Office 365 and SharePoint best to support remote workers. Here we offer the recording.

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Ask the experts: How can IT leaders support remote work on O365 & SharePoint?
Colligo | Blog | Ask the experts webinar - SharePoint and Office 365

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Here are a few resources that might be of use while you manage workers remotely:

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If you’re observing employees roost in Office 365 and files not going into SharePoint, remember Colligo can make things simpler in days. Get in touch –

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