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The move to Office 365 is radically changing the way we interact and collaborate with our peers. The extensive suite of Office 365 cloud-based applications gives employees remarkable flexibility in how and where they work. Users now have the same convenient access to work related content – remotely, and across devices and operating systems – that they do with their personal content. 

This changing landscape has created a new normal for knowledge and records managers, as well as day to day users.

  •     Email use is continuing to increase.
  •     Workers are using a range of work and personal devices to access content.
  •     The need for workers to save files and email to a central repository, with the right metadata properties applied is increasingly important for knowledge management and compliance.
  •     If saving information and applying metadata isn’t easy, it won’t happen – no matter what incentives or consequences are in place.

Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 is the only add-in that lets you save emails & attachments to SharePoint with full retention label and metadata support.

Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 gives you a streamlined email capture solution that’s easy for you to support and manage, while reducing legal risk and increasing discoverability.  

No matter your role, Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 makes it easy to manage company knowledge and records for collaboration and compliance, from anywhere, on any device.


Email Manager for Office 365 lets you work how you want, where you want. Save emails and attachments to SharePoint wherever you are on any device. Customize your file locations, automatically extract common email metadata such as sender, recipient, subject and date received. SharePoint default metadata properties are respected, based on the filing location. 

Our Office 365 Email Manager’s powerful metadata search makes finding and sharing content for collaboration fast and easy.

SharePoint Administrators:

The Email Manager for Office 365 Admin Centre dashboard makes it easy to manage users and push content to teams in any location on any device. Centrally manage all file locations for users, or support user productivity by allowing them to choose their own filing locations. 

Knowledge Managers and Information Compliance Leaders:

Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 provides full metadata support including managed Metadata/Retention labels, making compliance easy, while also enabling easy access to content for knowledge management and collaboration. 

IT Teams: 

Deploy Email Manager centrally in minutes using Microsoft’s Office Add-in platform and centrally manage file locations for users.

Want to learn more about Colligo Email Manager for Office 365? Click here to request a demo. 

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