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Top 5 Reasons You Should Do Content Management in the Cloud

Content Management in Microsoft 365

Superior flexibility, security, plus lower costs make modern work and content management with Microsoft 365 more attractive than ever. 

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How Law Firms Can Proactively Reduce eDiscovery Risk & Cost

Proactive eDiscovery and other legal compliance activities should be part of a well-functioning business strategy across legal and IT for better collaboration.

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Building a Business Case for Cloud Computing

I recently attended an interesting event in London with a Colligo partner, Content and Code, titled: Building a Business Case for Cloud Computing. The presentations, however, covered more ground than just cloud computing and I’ve noted some of the key themes and takeaways from the event below:

Cloud computing is on everyone’s agenda. All CxO’s are talking about the cloud because it’s in all the newspapers, on the television, and they are discussing it with their colleagues on the golf course and with their kids at home. “Cloud” has become a ubiquitous business term that everyone is using and it’s something that all IT related businesses need to address.

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