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Planning for Mobile SharePoint Success: A Deep Dive into Real Business Scenarios
Dan Holme & Todd Baginski, SharePoint MPVs

Does out-of-the-Box SharePoint / Office 365 fall short of your mobility needs? If you’re seeking to build or buy a complementary solution to keep your workforce highly productive on iPads, iPhones and laptops, attending this webinar is the fastest way to get your organization on the right track! Join SharePoint MVPs Dan Holme and Todd Baginski, and Colligo’s Ben Henderson as they explore the mobility requirements of 4 common business scenarios:

  • Information workers for anytime productivity across devices
  • Distributed sales teams to drive sales from anywhere
  • Field technicians & engineers to meet stringent regulatory compliance
  • Professional consultants to offer a superior client experience

A deep dive into these 4 scenarios will help you evaluate your mobile requirements, identify success metrics, and select the optimal “build or buy” strategy for your organization. Discover the most efficient way to meet your mobile requirements.

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Cloud First, Mobile First SharePoint: 3 Universal Truths for Successful Deployments
Christian Buckley, Office 365 MVP & Managing Director, Americas, GTconsult

With almost two decades of experience building out and supporting intranets, employee portals, and document collaboration platforms, the industry is quickly moving toward cloud-first and mobile-first solutions. With that shift, keeping end users engaged and productive has become an imperative. As organizations struggle to move from centralized on prem solutions to this new paradigm, three universal truths come to the surface in every successful deployment:

  1. The user experience (UX) should be central to everything you do
  2. Telemetry & metrics need to be in place at the beginning & fine-tuned along the way
  3. Mobility must move beyond just responsive design & enhance productivity

Christian Buckley talks with Colligo Product Manager Ben Henderson about the future of mobility, the expanded vision of team and document collaboration, and the value of a productivity focus. They share valuable insights and real-world examples of how you can incorporate these universal truths into your SharePoint strategy.

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SharePoint/Office 365 Webinar: Making Sense of the Hybrid Hype with Bill Baer
Bill Baer, Senior Technical Product Manager & Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint, Microsoft

Microsoft’s “cloud first” mantra is spreading like wildfire. Whether you’re migrating to the cloud or want to consider a hybrid approach – watch this on-demand webinar featuring SharePoint Senior Technical Product Manager Bill Baer for Microsoft’s inside scoop on hybrid deployment scenarios. Make sense of the hype versus reality and discover the business cases behind SharePoint on-prem, SharePoint Online with Office 365, One Drive for Business. Bill shares helpful advice to help you make the right strategic choices for your enterprise.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Reaping cloud benefits: cost-savings, flexibility & a significant remote footprint
  • Safeguarding on-prem benefits: customization, compliance & manageability
  • Strategies to solving the identity crisis
  • Implementing next generation hybrid search across all environments
  • Driving adoption with a unified view for users, anytime, anyplace, on any device

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10 Expert Tips for Enterprise Document Sharing, Mobility & Control
Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Social Business expert at 451 Research

You want your IT organization to be agile, flexible, and fast in responding to the technology demands of your workforce. You also want to control risk and keep enterprise content secure. Bimodal IT is easier than you think.

Discover 10 ways you can meet the needs of your...

1. Design "mobile-first"
2. Cache... don't leave home without it
3. Integrate with email
4. Keep large files where they belong
5. KISS - Keep It Simple... Smarty
6. Don't block... Track!
7. Control policies at the device level
8. Manage mobile security
9. Make compliance easy
10. Stay agile to reduce costs

Guest speaker Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Social Business expert at 451 Research, shares what enterprises are doing with file sync and share systems. Gain a grasp on the hype, reality and risks of EFSS today.

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Dan Holmes Dan Holmes

Gold Medal Collaboration: SharePoint Engagement at NBC for the Olympics
Dan Holmes, Office 365 MVP, CEO & Co-Founder of IT Unity

NBC Olympics used SharePoint to foster productivity and collaboration amongst its team of 2,700 professionals.

Discover gold-medal worthy strategies for driving workforce adoption and engagement with SharePoint.

As the Microsoft Technologies Consultant for the NBC Olympics, Dan led the implementation of a successful collaboration and information-sharing solution. As a highly flexible, rapid response platform, SharePoint 2013 provided instant value. Discover new features that can speed up user adoption. Attend this webinar to learn practical ways you can streamline the SharePoint user experience and empower your workforce, anytime, anyplace.

60-Minute Session Highlights:

  • How Colligo Briefcase can empower your workforce
  • Key requirements & takeaways from the Sochi Olympics
  • What’s new in SharePoint 2013 to drive user adoption
  • Easy wins to improve discoverability & usability
  • Mobility & security – the best of both worlds

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Bill Baer Bill Baer

Generating a Business Impact with Business-Critical SharePoint Solutions
Bill Baer, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint

Does your company run several line-of-business systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, PLM, etc.), each supporting a different organizational function?
Is there an information gap between teams that is impacting decision making and business performance?
As a Business Critical SharePoint member, Colligo is proud to share the following presentation from the Microsoft SharePoint team about delivering business-critical solutions with SharePoint and LOB data.
You will learn how these solutions enable organizations to maximize the value of their existing LOB systems by breaking-down information silos, enabling a better visibility into core business processes and lowering business risk – ultimately building a stronger competitive edge.
Hear a real customer case study, how the Business-Critical SharePoint solution improved productivity and delivered a better than 30% internal rate of return.

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Barry Jinks Barry Jinks

Seven Point Strategy for Crossing the Chasm with SharePoint
President, CEO & Founder, Colligo

How do you get users to adopt new ways of working?
How do you get people to embrace SharePoint?
The following presentation will provide seven key points to drive enthusiastic adoption of SharePoint. Colligo CEO, Barry Jinks, asserts that SharePoint adoption, like any disruptive technology, is governed by the same “Technology Adoption Lifecycle” referenced by Geoffrey Moore in his book “Crossing the Chasm.”
Driving the use of SharePoint beyond the innovators and early adopters to the majority of pragmatic users in an organization requires both strategies and tools to gain wide-scale user acceptance and adoption.

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Rick Ramsay Rick Ramsay

How an Energy Company used iPads to Solve the Safety Issue for Field Workers
Rick Ramsay, Senior Product Manager at Colligo

In this webinar you’ll learn how a leading Energy company used SharePoint and iPads to provide a solution for Field Workers to access documents in remote areas, even when offline. The results improved worker safety and improved productivity, giving remote field workers easy access to the latest standards and practices.

This presentation will help Senior IT, particularly those at Energy & Utility companies to develop their mobile strategy for document management with SharePoint in a safe and secure manner for field workers.

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David Whitehead and Andy Smith David Whitehead and Andy Smith

SharePoint Securely Mobilized
David Whitehead from Colligo and Andy Smith from Bitzer Mobile

Is your access to SharePoint content from your mobile devices secure?
This webinar is for those looking to gain secure access to SharePoint from mobile devices without the risk of losing data.
Increasingly SharePoint is being used in conjunction with third party products, like the Colligo range of enterprise applications, to build business critical solutions. The result extends and automates important business processes across, and even beyond, organizational boundaries.
In today’s webinar we will present and demonstrate a compelling solution for providing secure, mobile access to SharePoint.
This webinar will prove that you can:
1. Get enterprise grade security for accessing SharePoint content
2. Have your SharePoint content be offline, secure & safe from data leakage
3. Easily search content, even when offline
David Whitehead from Colligo and Andy Smith from Bitzer Mobile will share 5 real-life use cases for providing secure, mobile access to SharePoint.

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Trevor Dyck Trevor Dyck

SharePoint to Go – How to Connect SharePoint in a Mobile World
Trevor Dyck, Director of Product Management

With the deluge of mobile devices into the enterprise and a growing demand for BYOD, comes an IT nightmare of new dimensions. A recent IDG study shows that nearly 70% of professionals in North America that own iPads are using them at work. This webinar examines the needs of each business consumer, from the Hoodie to the Suit, and how to leverage SharePoint in a mobile world.

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Michael Osterman Michael Osterman

BYOD and SharePoint Survey Results Webinar: What Every Organization Needs to Know
Michael Osterman, Principal, Osterman Research

Today’s mobile devices are indispensable productivity tools, but the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has also created challenges that affect every organization.

Colligo partnered with Osterman Research to survey 1000s of organizations on the challenges and trends surrounding BYOD, and the results are in. Which issues are they facing? How are they dealing with them? How do you measure up, and how can you be better prepared?

Watch the on-demand webinar now, as Michael Osterman, principle of Osterman Research, shares his findings and provides insights into what they mean to your organization. Joining Michael is Ben Henderson, Colligo’s Technical Solution Specialist, to discuss strategies for securely integrating mobile devices into an enterprise SharePoint environment.

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Matthias Bandemer Matthias Bandemer

The iPad Invasion: Leveraging SharePoint for Mobile Enterprise Security
Matthias Bandemer, Senior Manager, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Join Ernst & Young’s mobile data security expert, Matthias Bandemer, as he explores the security challenges presented by mobile devices in the workplace, with a focus on leveraging your existing SharePoint infrastructure to secure corporate data on the iPad.

Joining Matthias is Colligo’s CEO, Barry Jinks, and Director of Product Management, Trevor Dyck, who will provide valuable insight on integrating iPads into your enterprise SharePoint environment.

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Dan Vasey Dan Vasey

Enterprise Information Management with SharePoint 2010: Secrets to Success
Dan Vasey, Director, Records & Information Management, Charter Communications

Join Dan Vasey as he shares the strategy, methods, and tools that enabled his organization to successfully deploy the Charter Online Information Network, an enterprise-wide SharePoint solution for records and information management.

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Robert Bogue Robert Bogue

Creating SharePoint Adoption and Engagement
Robert Bogue, President of Thor Projects

SharePoint Conference 2011, Colligo Executive Luncheon Presentation, "Secrets to SharePoint Success in the Enterprise", Part 1

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Dan Vasey Dan Vasey

Secrets to Success: Inside the Charter Online Information Network (COIN)
Dan Vasey, Director, Records & Information Management, Charter Communications

SharePoint Conference 2011, Colligo Executive Luncheon Presentation, "Secrets to SharePoint Success in the Enterprise", Part 2

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Nishan DeSilva Nishan DeSilva

Building an Enterprise-Scale Records Management Solution Using SharePoint 2010 & Colligo
Nishan DeSilva, Senior Director, Information Management & Compliance, Office of General Council, Microsoft

SharePoint Conference 2011, Colligo Executive Luncheon Presentation, "Secrets to SharePoint Success in the Enterprise", Part 3

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Trevor Dyck Trevor Dyck

Enterprise-Class Email & Document Management for SharePoint
Trevor Dyck, Director, Product Management, Colligo Networks

SharePoint Conference 2011, Colligo Executive Luncheon Presentation, "Secrets to SharePoint Success in the Enterprise", Part 4

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Dan Holme Dan Holme

Seven Things You Need to Know to Drive User Adoption of SharePoint
Dan Holme, SharePoint MVP and Top 50 SharePoint Influencer

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Ryan Duguid Ryan Duguid

Unleashing SharePoint 2010 for Records Management, Governance, and Compliance
Ryan Duguid, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft; Art Bellis, Vice President, GimmalSoft; Trevor Dyck, Director of Product Management, Colligo

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Daniel Kogan Daniel Kogan

How SharePoint 2010 Changes the Metadata Game
Daniel Kogan, SharePoint Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

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Nishan DeSilva Nishan DeSilva

SharePoint 2010: How Microsoft is Using SharePoint 2010 & Colligo Contributor for ECM & Records Management
Nishan DeSilva, Senior Director, Information Management & Compliance, Office of General Council, Microsoft

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Mark Beckmann Mark Beckmann

Best Practices for Project & Email Management in SharePoint for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Firms
Mark Beckmann, Professional Services Industry Partner Manager, Microsoft; Richard Grove, Senior Project Manager, Webcor

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Eric Legault Eric Legault

Tricia Bush Tricia Bush

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