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Enterprise Mobility: Awakening the SharePoint Force

Presented by Redmond Magazine with Barry Jinks and Chris Marsh

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Multiple forces have come together to make enterprise mobility a reality, but the challenges faced by IT have become more complex and critical to business success. From supporting field teams to unlocking mobile productivity for entire organizations, IT sits squarely at the core of mobile transformation.

Hear from join Chris Marsh, Director of Enterprise Mobility at 451 Research and Barry Jinks, CEO at Colligo, as they explore 3 current challenges in mobile content management and present strategies to tackle them the right way with SharePoint:

  1. Providing governance with new stacks, technologies and workflow requirements
  2. Maintaining security and managing risk
  3. Ensuring that the shift to mobile delivers productivity

This webinar will give you new insights and strategies to drive your business forward and unlock the full potential of enterprise mobility with SharePoint.

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