Compliance Agency Achieves Massive Time Savings & M365 Adoption

Instead of taking multiple days to file emails to or send content from SharePoint, Agency staff can now file and send emails within seconds – a time savings of close to 75%

After accelerating its move to the cloud due to the pandemic, the Agency selected Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365, an easy-to-use add-in that allows staff to upload emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint Online, while remaining in Outlook, and quickly email content from SharePoint.



The Agency was using SharePoint 2016 to file important emails and documents, but getting the content into SharePoint was a laborious, time-consuming process. Filing an email or attachment to SharePoint, or emailing content from SharePoint, could take days and might involve a four-step process with multiple team members. Given the number of documents each client is required to upload, this amounted to 20-30 days per year.

To avoid the hassle and time involved, staff developed workarounds and shortcuts including keeping copies of documents on their desktops or in shared drives. Versioning issues and duplication of content were rampant.



Due to the pandemic and the switch to remote work, the Agency fast-tracked a move to SharePoint Online. Management selected Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 to save emails and attachments directly to SharePoint with auto-applied metadata – without leaving Outlook. Staff can also email SharePoint content as links for easy collaboration and file-sharing with their teams or external contacts.

After evaluating several solutions, the Agency determined that Colligo Email Manager more than met its needs, as this was an easy-to-use add-in designed as a front-end to SharePoint. The Agency was impressed with Colligo’s SharePoint expertise, support-team availability and Canadian roots.

“With Colligo, I get emails to SharePoint a lot faster than I ever did before because it’s so simple and easy and doesn’t require any training.”

– Specialist, Information Technology, Compliance Agency


How Colligo Helped a Compliance Agency Achieve Massive Time Savings & M365 Adoption

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Compliance Agency Achieves Massive Time Savings & M365 Adoption