Office Add-ins for email management and document management, designed for users

Best utilize SharePoint with email and document capture tools that make it easy to save and add metadata to SharePoint files right from Outlook, Word, Excel and Microsoft 365.

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Email Management – Save emails from Outlook to SharePoint with metadata and more

Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365

Colligo makes it easy to save and classify emails right from Office 365 into SharePoint Online, including on mobile devices. Add retention labels to get a leg up on data compliance.

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Colligo Email Manager for SharePoint Server

Save and classify emails right from Outlook into SharePoint On-Premise. Support worker productivity and cross team collaboration.

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Explore SharePoint right from Microsoft Outlook – Find and share files faster

Colligo | Content Manager for Microsoft 365

Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365

Combining Content Manager with Email Manager or Document Manager for Microsoft 365 enables your users to work inside the Office apps they use most, to get the most out of SharePoint. Colligo Content Manager lets users search, view and share links to all SharePoint files right from Microsoft Outlook.

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Document Management – Save Word, Excel and PowerPoint files right from Microsoft 365 into SharePoint with metadata and labels

Colligo Document Manager for Microsoft 365

Colligo Document Manager equips users to save and classify documents into SharePoint right from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Search for and share links, with the easy-to-use experience on mobile devices.

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SharePoint Mobile Content Distribution– Remote worker access to Office 365

Colligo Briefcase

Looking for reliable SharePoint content distribution for workers that are mobile and sometimes offline? There is a way to broadcast SharePoint content to remote workers while protecting your information architecture and security. Colligo provides access to SharePoint/Office 365 with apps for IOS devices (iPad/iPhone), Android, Windows and Mac.

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Why Colligo?

Easy access to SharePoint from Microsoft apps, any device

Colligo apps integrate into familiar Microsoft applications including email, making it easy for user to connect and save to SharePoint without changing work routines.

Colligo apps are available for:

  • Office 365
  • Outlook for Windows
  • Windows
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
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Standout capabilities of Colligo solutions

Work on any device

Work with enterprise content on any device with apps for Outlook, Windows, Office 365, and iOS. More »

Fast, easy content capture

Easily upload files and emails to SharePoint/Office 365 without a browser, online or offline. More »

Metadata tagging

Comply with email and record management policies with auto-extraction of key metadata and simple tagging. More »

Smart syncing

Reliable, ultra-fast offline access to multiple content repositories such as Office 365/SharePoint, whether in the office or on the road. More »

Mobile content editing

Easily edit SharePoint/Office 365 content or annotate PDF’s, even when offline. More »

Labels for information governance

Apply retention and sensitivity labels automatically or as users save files to SharePoint. More »

Products | Sharepoint Mobile Apps | Colligo

Metadata support on Colligo Briefcase for Mac app

Metadata tagging

Meet compliance requirements and facilitate search with complete metadata tagging capabilities.

  • Automatically extract email tags with 22 common properties, such as “To”, “From”, “Subject” and “Send Date”
  • Use any of SharePoint’s metadata, including enterprise-managed metadata (taxonomies, keywords) and person/group metadata
  • Categorize emails, attachments, and documents of all types to comply with regulatory and organizational requirements
  • Tag documents individually or in bulk for multiple file uploads
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Labels for information governance

Make it simple to apply retention and sensitivity rules when saving files to SharePoint to enforce your compliance policies.

  • Beyond saving files to SharePoint right from Office applications, organizations using SharePoint Online and Office 365 can apply retention and data sensitivity labels using Colligo
  • When saving files to SharePoint from Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint employees can enter retention dates
  • Classify files by content type to apply data governance rules such as restricting deletion of contracts, ensuring restricted access to HR files or preserving financials records for a set period
  • Automatically apply retention or sensitivity rules as with Microsoft Enterprise E5
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PDF annotations on Colligo Briefcase for iOS app

Products | Sharepoint Mobile Apps | Colligo

Saving a file using Colligo Briefcase for Windows app

Mobile content editing

Edit files locally, whether connected or offline, and automatically sync back to enterprise systems. Open and save files to SharePoint/Office 365 from any application, not just Office.

On iOS devices, easily mark-up PDF’s with built-in annotation tools and edit Office content with integrated Citrix ShareFile QuickEdit.

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Any type of content

View any SharePoint/Office 365 or OneDrive for Business files, including Office documents, PDFs, images and emails, without a browser.

On iOS and Windows devices, also view standard and custom lists, including events, issues, links, contacts, announcements, tasks and agendas.

With the Colligo Email Manager for Outlook app, simply click any SharePoint document from the Outlook folder tree and preview content directly in the Outlook preview pane.

With the Windows app, see SharePoint libraries as folders in Explorer and simply click to view.

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Products | Sharepoint Mobile Apps | Colligo

Document preview on Colligo Email Manager for Outlook app

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