Case Study


Infineum Revamps Enterprise-Wide Document Management and Collaboration with SharePoint and Colligo

Infineum is a world leader in formulating, manufacturing, and marketing additives for the fuels and lubricants industry.The Infineum group of companies is a world-class petroleum additives enterprise. It is headquartered in Milton Hill, UK, with regional business and technology centers in the UK, US, and Singapore. Infineum lubricant and fuel additives are used primarily in automotive, heavy-duty diesel, and marine engines. Its customers include global oil companies and other lubricant and fuel marketers.


Business Challenge

Infineum has built an impressive portfolio of technology investments, and holds more than 3,200 registered patents. As a leader in the fuels and lubricants industry, the company faces numerous challenges, including changing environmental regulations, increasing demand for higher levels of additive performance, decreasing product lifecycles, and escalating R&D costs. Collaboration is essential to the success of their business. With more than 1,600 colleagues in operational and sales offices worldwide, the company needed a robust solution to connect its global teams.

Beginning in 2005, Infineum reviewed its strategic direction for knowledge management and collaboration. The identified deficiencies led to an initial pilot program with Microsoft SharePoint. Key users during the pilot included customer-facing teams both in Research and Development, and Sales. These users frequently spend time out of the office, and found that SharePoint’s remote access capabilities were not mature enough to effectively support them when visiting partners or customers.

Infineum also required offline SharePoint access for personnel at one of its US manufacturing plants. Introducing a new document management system meant that plant personnel needed a 100% reliable way to access the critical production and safety procedures. Additionally, US federal emergency response requirements dictated that these documents must be both evergreen and ever accessible. Infineum needed a reliable, simple-to-use tool to access SharePoint offline.


Infineum identified Colligo as the most attractive application and included it in its SharePoint pilot program. The simple tool was easy to learn, and even the most novice SharePoint/Colligo users completed training in less than thirty minutes. Colligo allowed customer-facing users to access their files while on the road, making it easy to stay up-to-date from anywhere in the world.

This successful pilot led to the adoption of SharePoint as Infineum’s core tool for knowledge management and collaboration, and the company quickly employed Colligo for offline purposes as well. Colligo also supports a group of users who most frequently need access to SharePoint information in non-accessible places, helping Infineum meet its collaboration objectives.

Colligo extends the functionality of SharePoint to the desktop. It enables users to securely access, modify, and create SharePoint content online and offline through a rich client interface. Users can access documents, including marketing presentations, technical documentation, pricing information, and sales forms, from any location. Sales managers can update SharePoint information while in the air, and the new information is automatically synchronized to SharePoint the next time an Internet connection is established.

Infineum also deployed Colligo at one of its manufacturing plants, where several hundred plant personnel required training and support during the implementation. Colligo’s easy-to-use interface allowed for swift training times and quick adoption. Through the use of Colligo, plant managers now have access to the required production documents and safety procedures at all times.

How Colligo helped Infineum Revamp Enterprise-Wide Document Management

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