Colligo NewsCase Study: Pernod Ricard Distributes Timely Reports to Executives’ Mobile Devices, Online and Offline

SharePoint as a platform was the right investment for us, but it was the addition of Colligo that really transformed how we operate.”

David Lepicier, Business Intelligence Director, Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is the world’s #2 in wines and spirits. Executives at Pernod Ricard – especially their CEO – spend a lot of time travelling from France to the Asia Pacific, the Americas and across Europe, the Middle East & Africa to best understand what is happening in different geo-locations and how products are performing.

In addition to on-site business monitoring, Pernod Ricard executives receive daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports coming in country by country from various sources – but access to reports while offline travelling or on mobile made tracking timely global data very difficult.

“Historically, our CEO would search and then print the most relevant information on a particular region. Piles of paperwork got packed into his briefcase and carried on board the plane for him to review in flight. The challenge was that the new information is continuously circulated and while one executive is offline, the local region might be looking at different reports, preparing for his arrival. It meant that time was wasted trying to get everyone on the same page.” Says David Lepicier, Business Intelligence Director, Pernod Ricard.

Colligo has extended the functionality of SharePoint, contributing mobile content management capabilities for reporting, auditing and governance. With Colligo executives can access reports from their iPad without the need to involve IT for use online and offline.

Because we have different systems around the world, before Colligo with SharePoint it was a challenge ensuring everyone was looking at the same data. But now when our regions prepare for a meeting with our CEO, they know they are seeing the same reports and data that our CEO is reviewing. Time isn’t wasted and teams are more confident because they are able to be completely prepared.”

How Colligo distributed timely reports to executives’ mobile devices for Pernod Ricard

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