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Email Management in SharePoint 2010 #1: A Microsoft Perspective

As Barry mentioned, I’m going to do a series of posts over the new few weeks based on the information that I presented at the webinar on Email Management in SharePoint 2010. These posts and the associated audio files and presentation slides break down the webinar into smaller sections and enable people to download the audio and slides and listen/view at their convenience.

In this first section, I’ll discuss how Microsoft is thinking about ECM and in particular email management in terms of how an organization can get it under control. Their are 4 key scenarios that we consider when we think about how to manage emails in an organization. These 4 key scenarios I like to call the continuum, starting on the left hand side with Personal Email Management, then moving right to Project and Case Management, then to Email Archiving and finally to Records Management.

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Nothing Hotter Than SharePoint 2010 at Tech-Ed in New Orleans

The Colligo team is in New Orleans for Microsoft Tech-Ed this week and the only thing hotter than the weather is all the buzz about Office and SharePoint 2010. Conference attendance is definitely up from last year, with most of the sessions packed to the rafters and the exhibit hall a frenzy of activity, especially the first night with the vendor reception driving 10,000 attendees into Hall D.

Traffic to the Colligo booth has been excellent and the team has had some great conversations with people stopping by to learn more about our SharePoint solutions and how they can deploy them in their organizations. The vast majority are interested in Office and SharePoint 2010 support and we definitely have a good story to tell about Colligo products here. Email management in SharePoint is high on the list of companies either deploying SharePoint or looking to expand their use of it. Without exception, everyone loves our Contributor Add-In for Outlook!

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Upcoming Microsoft / Colligo Webinar on SharePoint 2010and Email Management

We’re really excited to be partnering again with Microsoft for an upcoming webinar on June 17: SharePoint 2010 – What’s New for Email Management? This time we’ve tapped another of our excellent Microsoft contacts, Ryan Duguid, who is Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Ryan is very well known in the SharePoint community and in fact, he’ll be in Wellington the week before our webinar, doing the keynote address at the New Zealand SharePoint Conference. We’re really happy to have Ryan participate in what’s sure to be another great webinar focused on a topic that is near and dear to our hearts, email management in SharePoint 2010.

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How Rapid is Rapid for SharePoint 2010 Payback?

At the Office and SharePoint 2010 launch last week in New York, Stephen Elop, President of the Microsoft Business Division and the keynote speaker, pulled a few interesting facts and figures regarding return on investment on SharePoint 2010 from a recently commissioned Forrester Consulting report. The report is called “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010” and is very thorough in its analysis. Forrester interviewed 11 organizations that were early adopters of SharePoint 2010, or I suspect were part of the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 TAP program, and from their interviews, created a “composite” company and associated ROI framework to reflect the investment in an on-premise SharePoint 2010 implementation. For the record, the composite organization they created was a 7000 worker professional services firm with $1 Billion in revenue and 25 offices in the US and 15 in Europe. (Sound like anyone you know?)

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The Intersection of SharePoint and Exchange for Email and Records Managment

I found a very interesting interview that Don Lueders conducted with Adam Harmetz from Microsoft for the SharePoint Records Management blog. Adam is Microsoft’s Lead Program Manager for the SharePoint document and records management engineering team. He’s also one of our excellent contacts at Microsoft who’s ideas and opinions are highly valued by both our management and engineering team.

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SharePoint 2010 Worldwide Launch

I’m in New York for the worldwide launch of SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010. Colligo was invited by Microsoft to participate in the launch today, so I’m heading over to NBC Studios in a half hour to see Stephen Elop, President of the Microsoft Business Division and others take the covers off “Wave 14”.

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