You need to enable mobile workers to quickly access the right content at the right time, but it’s just as critical for managers to be able to confirm key documents were read. Colligo Engage extends your existing SharePoint deployment—saving time and money compared to point solutions—allowing you to securely push content to your users’ devices, online of offline. Our platform combines easy-to-use apps with central configuration and auditable metrics on user adoption.


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Turn your mobile workers into rock stars

When your team is on the road, it’s imperative they have the right information at their fingertips to deliver standout customer experiences and make efficient use of their time. With Colligo Engage, you can ensure your sales reps have current product specs and pricing lists, and your executives have seen the latest enterprise metrics. Boost your team’s efficiency with fewer repeat visits, and less time digging up information back at the office.

Case studies:

Benco Dental increased field sales productivity by 15% and SharePoint adoption by 20% with Colligo.


Pernod Ricard uses to Colligo to ensure busy executives have up-to-the minute data on their mobile devices.


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Keep your field technicians safe

Technicians work in all kinds of conditions, from utility line workers in remote rural areas, to industrial lab maintenance workers without internet connectivity. Colligo Engage lets you distribute safety documents and procedure manuals to workers on mobile devices, regardless of connectivity. Ensure documents are received and read, and end the manual distribution of stacks of paper.

Case study:

Hundreds of Northpower field workers access the content they need on Colligo-equipped iPads


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Ensure regulatory compliance

In highly-regulated industries like airlines and utilities, process compliance is about more than your operational efficiency. Colligo Engage gives operations managers and compliance offices an auditable trail to prove that specific documents were securely delivered and opened. Reduce the risk of fines while giving workers in highly-governed roles easy access to the content they need to do their jobs.

Case study:


91% of Air Transat flight directors love accessing flight-critical content with Colligo

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