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Mastering Knowledge and Records Management in Office 365

with Christian Buckley, Microsoft MVP and CEO at CollabTalk, Riyaz Lakhani and Bruce Herzer from Colligo

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You're on top of your organizations' knowledge and records management needs. You know email use is increasing and you've got the right tools, processes and policies to ensure emails are captured so the right information is in the right place in SharePoint, tagged with metadata to enable discovery and knowledge sharing.

But you're moving to O365 to give your employees greater flexibility in how and where they work. How can you adapt your knowledge and record capture processes to this new era of mobility?

Join MVP Christian Buckley and Colligo for an in-depth look at what Office 365 means for your workers and how information in your organization is generated, shared, stored and dispositioned.

You’ll come away knowing:
- How firms are seeing digital workers change their behavior as O365 rolls out–and how this impacts IT and RIM professionals
- How O365 workloads like Teams are changing how content is captured and shared, and what this means for metadata and search
- How you can makes record and knowledge capture secure and easy for your O365 workers—from anywhere and on any device


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