Introducing Content Manager from Colligo: explore SharePoint right from Outlook

Colligo Cntent Manager for Microsoft 365

Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by Sarah Gayda

Many of today’s workers continue to work remotely and more organizations are making the shift to Microsoft 365. We’re hearing from IT leaders that it’s an essential time to find ways to simplify collaboration for people working remotely. Organizations need help reducing data silos, search struggles and unclassified data sprawl.

Colligo continues to lead with solutions to improve remote work productivity and collaboration. Meet our newest solution: Colligo’s new Content Manager for Microsoft 365. Content Manager equips users for convenient SharePoint collaboration from Outlook – letting them explore SharePoint files and share links to documents right from Outlook.

Capture emails and collaborate on SharePoint files from Outlook for Microsoft 365

When you combine Email Manager and Content Manager for Microsoft 365, the add-ins enable users to achieve maximum productivity from Outlook:

  • easily file emails and attachments to SharePoint Online from your inbox including on mobile devices
  • browse and share any SharePoint file for seamless and secure collaboration.

Colligo’s Email Manager and Content Manager for Microsoft 365 add-ins work in conjunction with Colligo Cloud Admin Console, the Azure-based administration and configuration platform that enables administrators to add-in users, deploy policies, ensure compliance and report analytics.

Once Colligo Microsoft 365 solutions are deployed, users will see the same familiar interface wherever they access Outlook online.

Watch the video: See the combined power of Colligo’s Content Manager and Email Manager for Microsoft 365

Check out what’s now possible in email capture and SharePoint collaboration – all from Outlook. Consider the value for your organization and see the standout new capabilities from Colligo.Want to skip to the feature demo? Go to 4:05 in the video.

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