Outlook like you’ve never seen it before

Bring SharePoint/Microsoft 365 to where your users are in Outlook and boost productivity while keeping content secure. The leading Outlook solution for full SharePoint/Microsoft 365 integration.

Integration made easy

Bring emails and attachments out of personal inboxes and into SharePoint/Microsoft 365 with seamless Outlook integration:

  • Drag and drop emails and attachments into SharePoint/Microsoft 365 and capture associated metadata properties along the way.
  • Use Send & File to file emails to SharePoint/Microsoft 365…automatically.
  • Declare records using SharePoint’s in-place records management.
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Products | Sharepoint Mobile Apps | Colligo

Find and tag content in a snap

Make it easier for your employees to catalog, and find content on SharePoint. Ensure records management compliance with best-in-class metadata-tagging capabilities:

  • Automatically extract 22 common email tags like “To”, “From”, “Subject”, and “Send Date”.
  • Use any of SharePoint’s properties, including enterprise-managed metadata (e.g., taxonomies, keywords) and person/group metadata.
  • Categorize email and attachment types to comply with regulatory or organizational mandates.
  • Tag documents individually or in bulk for multiple file uploads.

The ease of everything in one place

Access SharePoint libraries and folders within Outlook using the familiar Outlook interface, while also using SharePoint-specific features like document check-in and check-out:

  • Eliminate noise and see only relevant content using SharePoint Views
  • Browse, preview, and open files, lists, or any type of SharePoint content in the Outlook user interface.
  • Take advantage of SharePoint features like document check-in and check-out, all from within Outlook.
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Colligo Email Manager | Products | Colligo

Seamless searches

Leverage the full search capabilities of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to find emails, documents, and other content easily without leaving Outlook:

  • Simultaneously search Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and OneDrive for Business for emails and attachments directly from an Outlook search pane.
  • Search email properties (e.g., To, Subject, From) or custom metadata.
  • Open emails and attachments directly from within search results.
  • Attach search results items directly to new emails.
  • Share an item’s SharePoint/Microsoft 365 link directly from the search results.

No more duplication

Use SharePoint integration with Outlook to streamline collaboration and reduce content duplication risk using familiar Outlook features:

  • Email attachment links to prevent content redundancy and reduce version-control risk.
  • Share SharePoint documents with fast, right-click access to “Send as Attachment” and “Send as Link” functions.
  • Copy SharePoint content URLs for collaborative work.
Colligo Email Manager | Products | Colligo
Colligo Email Manager | Products | Colligo

Take control of your content

Monitor process compliance, onboard users, deploy policies and report analytics with a centralized command center.

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