Email capture and collaboration made easy

Rethink knowledge & record capture and sharing in the new era of Microsoft 365 mobility (previously Office 365). Save Outlook emails and attachments into the Microsoft 365 version of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams from any device. Share links to files with peers and file multiple emails & attachments at once on these collaboration platforms.

Leverage the power of Microsoft’s Advanced Data Governance features by tagging your content with labels.

Easy access from anywhere

It’s easy to save files to your SharePoint site or Teams right from Outlook. On either communication site, it’s fast to stay in Outlook email and save directly to SharePoint to recent and favorite locations.

The widget/web part has full functionality on any device, including the native mobile Outlook apps on Android and iOS. End users get the same user experience everywhere O365 goes, saving time on workflows and increasing adoption and retention.

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Automated and customized metadata extraction and labeling

Metadata is the key to ensuring the right content is captured in the right place with the right tags. Automatically extract metadata such as To & From, with full support for field customization based on your own SharePoint content types.

Prompt for labels to leverage SharePoint’s Advanced Data Governance features for records management.

Seamless collaboration and content sharing

Excel in team collaboration. Search for SharePoint content within the same interface and share files as links, reducing the number of 365 email attachments sent. Workers can respond any time their colleagues need information without switching Office apps.

Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 | Products | Colligo

Powerful product combo:

Email Manager + Content Manager for Microsoft 365

Colligo | Content Manager for Microsoft 365

Explore SharePoint right from Outlook 365

Combine our Email Manager for 365 with Content Manager for Microsoft 365 to give users more collaboration power. Content Manager facilitates content management by letting users search, view and share links to all SharePoint intranet files right from Microsoft Outlook.

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Microsoft 365 email to SharePoint made easy

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