Colligo Blog: SharePoint User Adoption

How Do Records Management Systems Help Public-Sector Organizations?

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Records management systems might not be as attention-grabbing as devoting funds to a new park or improved roadways, but electronic content management (ECM) does offer big benefits in the public sector. An article from AIIM highlights some of the many ways such systems are able to help public-sector organizations, and by extension, the public.

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3 Keys To Maximizing Your SharePoint ROI

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SharePoint can require a big investment of effort and money, so driving user adoption to ensure a return on investment (ROI) is important. Getting the most out of SharePoint necessitates a thoughtful approach to taking advantage of the platform’s many features. An article from CMSWire outlines three keys to maximizing ROI.

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Colligo Launches World’s First SharePoint Integration Into Finder For Mac

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Colligo has launched Briefcase for Mac, the first product to integrate SharePoint into Finder, providing the most optimal SharePoint user experience on Mac computers. No longer do Mac users have to suffer with second-rate access to SharePoint content. We outline five areas where Briefcase for Mac can benefit companies.

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How Should You Manage The Increasing Volume Of Content In SharePoint?

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There’s a huge amount of content going into SharePoint, and it’s only going to continue to grow. As an article from SharePoint Pro notes that some people predict a ten-fold increase in data usage within the next three years. Plus, the number of users working in SharePoint is likely to rapidly increase with the growing availability of mobile access.

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Do You Have A Laser-Focused SharePoint Use Case?

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Like a Swiss Army knife, SharePoint has many different uses, which can be overwhelming to some users. This is especially true these days. An article from CMSWire notes that the release of SharePoint 2013 has prompted many companies to question whether they’re getting the most out of SharePoint. The key is to be laser-focused about your use case.

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Why Is Measuring ROI Key To Getting The Most Out Of SharePoint?

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The decision to invest in any type of enterprise software is often a big one, not only since it can be costly but because the choices made have a significant impact on how people do their jobs. That means determining return on investment (ROI) and putting together a business case for management is critical, an article from CMSWire reports.

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How to build a ‘Business Critical’ SharePoint system with Colligo

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A recent white paper, The ROI Benefits of Business Critical SharePoint authored by Microsoft and Pique Solutions, an independent research and analysis firm, defined a business critical system as one that: “Extends and automates important business processes across, and even beyond, organizational boundaries by exposing line of business (LOB) data, and allowing it to be …

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Collaborating with SharePoint, Outlook Email, and Staying Mobile at 30,000 feet

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While it is possible to get files offline if you’re using SharePoint and you’re committed to a folder structure, when you’re serious about the amount of information you’re managing, you may find that SharePoint’s out-of-the-box tools just aren’t enough. Colligo Contributor Pro is helping me keep information overload at bay —at least for now.

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4 SharePoint Lessons For The New Year

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It was a whirlwind year for anyone involved with SharePoint and more excitement is likely in store for 2014. An article from CMSWire takes a look at the past year in the world of Microsoft collaboration tools, which also offers a lens through which to view the new year. There are four key SharePoint takeaways from 2013.

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What Does The Future Hold For SharePoint?

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Users are hoping for a more crystallized vision from Microsoft on a variety of facets of SharePoint, an article from Computerworld explains. The good news is that the SharePoint Conference 2014 will be held in early March, meaning Microsoft will soon have an opportunity to announce a roadmap and standardized approach for the next few years.

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