Colligo Blog: SharePoint User Adoption

How to Enhance Collaboration & Mitigate Risk with Better Document Management in SharePoint?

Join Colligo and partner Gig Werks for a complimentary webcast on how Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) organizations can Enhance Collaboration and Mitigate Risk with Email and Document Management in SharePoint. In organizations governed by rising costs, slim margins and the threat of litigation, keeping complex, multi-party projects on-time and on-budget requires up-to-the minute collaboration. An …

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Microsoft Boosts Integration Between Yammer And SharePoint Online

integration-yammer-sharepoint | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Microsoft plans to integrate the Yammer enterprise social platform with more than 30 types of files, providing additional context for users of Office 365, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, according to a recent article on Bringing conversations into SharePoint document management adds new opportunities for collaboration.

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Looking To Integrate Yammer And SharePoint 2013? Discover Your Options

discover-your-options | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Are you interested in integrating Yammer with SharePoint 2013? If you’re using SharePoint Online, it’s a fairly straightforward integration, as a post from CMSWire outlines. But if you’re using the on-premises version of SharePoint, the path forward is a bit trickier. Learn more about your options for embracing enterprise social.

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Missing Out On Metadata In Your SharePoint Document Management?

SharePoint-document-management | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Applying consistent tagging and metadata is essential to unlocking the real power of SharePoint document management. But too many organizations are missing the boat, according to a recent CMS Wire article. If you’re relying on end users to manually apply metadata, you’re asking them to do extra work without a clear incentive.

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Why SharePoint Is Still A Swiss Army Knife

swiss-army-knife | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

An article from SharePoint Pro shows how the core reasons for using SharePoint remain largely unchanged over the past 10 years. The fact that SharePoint is a platform is why it continues to be so valuable to organizations. It’s like a Swiss Army knife in that it offers a variety of tools useful for completing many different tasks.

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SharePoint Security: How To Ensure Users Aren’t Breaching Policies

Sharepoint-security | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

A recent report shows that 36 percent of SharePoint users are breaking their organization’s security policies. As an article in SC Magazine notes, the findings point to the human element as being primarily responsible for enterprise security breaches. Learn why business leaders and IT need to work together to ensure strong security.

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How Does SharePoint Fit Into Microsoft’s Future Roadmap?

Microsoft-future-roadmap Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Many people are wondering what the future holds for SharePoint. An article on CMSWire from Christian Buckley helps to answer some of the questions about Microsoft’s SharePoint strategy and offers insight into how the platform fits into the company’s big-picture plan. The key is to understand how Microsoft’s approach to platforms is changing.

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Hosting SharePoint In The Cloud? Consider These 3 Options

hosting-sharepoint-cloud | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

If you’ve decided to host SharePoint in the cloud, you have another decision to make — which hosting option is best for your business? It’s important to understand all of the hosting options available to you so you’re able to choose the one that’s the right fit for your technical needs and resources. An article from CMSWire breaks down three options.

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As Microsoft Ramps Up Move To Cloud, What’s The Future For On-Premises Software?

microsoft-move-to-cloud | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

At the recent SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, Microsoft made no secret of the fact that it’s encouraging everyone to move to the cloud as quickly as possible, an article from SharePoint Pro Magazine reports. However, for organizations with on-premises software such as SharePoint, there’s no need to panic.

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3 Opportunities For Getting More Out Of SharePoint 2013

3-opportunities-sharepoint | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

SharePoint offers something for just about everyone, but it’s never going to be everything to everyone. That’s truer than ever with SharePoint 2013. It’s up to each organization to decide which opportunities are the best to pursue given its unique needs. Consider three key opportunities highlighted in an article from CMSWire.

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