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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 1 Offline SharePoint Eval – Part 2

The same caveats apply to this post as the last one on this subject.

This time I’m going to delve deeper into the offline SharePoint features of Outlook 2007 Beta 1 from the point of view of the user experience. This entry will deal with SharePoint document library behavior in Outlook.

Working with offline SharePoint Document Libraries in Outlook 2007 Beta 1

SharePoint V3 server offline sync of doc libraries is initiated from within the SharePoint site itself. I couldn’t find a way to initiate this first sync from within Outlook. Once the user has selected the library to download, the standard Outlook send/receive dialog appears and shows the progress of the sync.

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 1 Offline SharePoint Eval – Part 1

Recently Microsoft started to allow beta testers to publicly blog about the features of most of the Office 2007 client applications. Several of these products can take SharePoint content offline, so I thought I’d discuss them here, starting with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

First, the caveats: I’m the co-founder of Colligo, a company focused on supporting the collaboration needs of mobile teams. We are about to release an offline SharePoint product, so while I will try to be unbiased, I am not a disinterested third party. I will be looking at the integration of Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 1 with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services V3 Beta 1. The capabilities of these products could change significantly prior to release by Microsoft and since the documentation is understandably thin at this point, I may not completely understand how all the products function yet.

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SharePoint Introduction for Developers

SDA Asia Magazine has a lengthy intro article for SharePoint developers. They go over the basics like Infrastructure and Architecture, Web Parts, and The Collaboration Engine.

Pretty basic stuff for experienced developers, but it’s a great guide for anyone looking to answer the “Where do I start with SharePoint?” question.

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Mobility “myth-fest” coming up

I just received a brochure in the mail for the “Most Important Technology Event of the Year”. That, of course, is the ever humble CTIA Wireless 2006 show in Las Vegas April 5-7. Attendees, exhibitors and speakers at this show always manage to claim some of the most outrageous mobility myths and, although I’m not going this year, I will try to keep tabs on some of them and report them here. Not that it’s going to be hard as they tend to “over market and under deliver” to the already stressed mobile worker and shell shocked IT person looking for the holy grail.

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Business Intelligence In Excel 2007

Christian Nordbakk blogged about a new Channel 9 video that shows off the new Excel 2007.

I’m a sucker for slick interfaces and boy did the upcoming Microsoft Excel look fantastic!

If you scroll to ~36:00 minutes into the video, you’ll see some of the robust SharePoint synching that is built right into Excel.

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Office Live Predictions

Daniel McPherson shares his predictions on what he thinks Office Live is going to do:

1) It is going to increase the number of “SharePoint” users dramatically
2) The ecosystem supporting and developing for SharePoint is going to grow dramatically
3) Demonstrates the incredible scalability of the SharePoint platform
4) Will improve the product. Experiences gained from running SharePoint as such a service will be fed back into the core product.

Spot on Daniel. I’d also extend that a bit further by saying that along with the increase in SharePoint users, there is going to be a greater segment of users (mobile salespeople, for example) who’ll have difficulty staying connected to the SharePoint/Office Live server.

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The pet peeve that turned into a company

Shortly after graduating from engineering school in 1984 under the watchful eye of big brother, I joined LSI Logic Corporation as a field applications engineer and started to travel. Way too much at first. Over to Asia many times, throughout the U.S. and Canada, to Central America and to Europe. One year I put over 1,000,000 miles on my AirCanada Aeroplan account. I still travel a fair amount today although thankfully not nearly as much.

One thing I’ve come to realize over my career is that travel is tough. You are away from your family, eating strange food, living in hotels, and are sleep deprived. The expectation to produce results is higher than usual from both your employer and your customer (or partner) because of high costs and finite schedules.

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