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Beautiful End to a Busy Week

Couldn’t stop myself from posting this photo of the view from our office here on Granville Island. If you are ever in Vancouver, come on down and enjoy it with us.

Wow, it’s an overwhelming week. Let’s see what next week brings…


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How to Request a Trial of Colligo Contributor 2.0 or Download Reader 2.0

We sent out an email announcing version 2.0 today through MSD2D. A great group of people to work with, by the way.

If you are interested in requesting a trial of Version 2.0, downloading Reader, viewing a screencast or whitepaper, visit this page to learn more about the products.


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V2.0 of Colligo Contributor and Colligo Reader for SharePoint Released Today

I’ve been very remiss in not posting for the last couple of months. We have been crazy busy getting the next release of Colligo for SharePoint out the door.

Well, I’m pleased to report that today, the team released Version 2.0. The press release went on the wire this morning. So far the reaction has been very positive. Our friend, SharePoint MVP Dustin Miller of SharePoint Experts, called Contributor 2.0 a “killer productivity boost”. The 451 Group wrote a very flattering piece. Thanks to Tony Rizzo for that. We like you guys, too!

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Partnership with Apptix

As Michael Sampson mentioned recently in a post on his Michael’s Thoughts blog, Colligo recently announced a partnership with Apptix. If you don’t know Apptix, they are a successful hosting provider that offers “managed messaging and collaboration solutions for small and medium businesses, serving more than 130,000 end users.” They have marketed their SharePoint hosting through and have provided an introduction to SharePoint to many early adopters over the years with their offers of 30 day free trials.

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Webinar is Now Available Online

For those that didn’t get a chance to attend the webinar yesterday on using Office 2007 and Colligo to take WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 offline, we’ve put it up on the Colligo website. You can request it here. Many thanks to Dustin Miller of SharePoint Experts for the terrifc job he did. In the 35 mins, he goes through a pretty thorough discussion of the capabilities and concludes with a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.

If you have any comments or questions, just drop them here.


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Upcoming Webinar on Taking SharePoint Offline

If you'd like to learn from an expert how to use Office 2007 and the Colligo products to take SharePoint V3 offline, you may be interested in attending the upcoming webinar "How to Take SharePoint 2007 Offline". It's listed <a href="" target="_blank">on the MSD2D site</a> and you can register for it there. It's scheduled at 8AM PST (11AM EST), Tuesday October 24th.

I'm hosting and our guest speaker is none other than Dustin Miller – President of <a href="" target="_blank">SharePoint Experts</a>, SharePoint MVP and well known <a href="" target="_blank">blogger</a>. It should be a very interesting session as Dustin takes us through the capabilities of SharePoint and shows how Office 2007 and the Colligo applications let you take V3 offline.

Best of all… it's free.


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Microsoft Architect Outlines Offline Support in Office 2007

I noticed this excellent post by Scott Jamison, an Information Worker architect at Microsoft. He clearly discusses the approach used in Office 2007 for taking SharePoint content offline, which he describes as follows:

Outlook, Groove, and Access each support varying degrees of offline sync with SharePoint, based on the strengths of that application

Note: bolding mine.

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SharePoint 2007 Uptake Should Be Quick

One of the most interesting findings from our survey was the speed with which organizations intend to deploy SharePoint 2007. We asked two questions on the topic: When are they planning to deploy WSS 2007 and when are they planning to deploy MOSS 2007. We expected to see deployments late in 2007, but to our surprise, respondents indicated deployment sooner.

53% of respondents indicated that they would deploy WSS in early 2007, while 17% indicated late 2007. However, 26% of respondents were not sure when they would deploy. So, of those that ARE sure, 72% were deploying WSS in early 2007 and 23% in late 2007 – a total of 95% in 2007.

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Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh

We've been playing around with the <a href=";DisplayLang=en" target="_blank">Office 2007 Beta 2 technical refresh</a> today and haven't found anything too surprising yet. We've installed the new server and the client apps and, so far in testing, Outlook, Access and Groove seem to provide the same level of capabilities as Beta 2 for taking SharePoint offline, although there seem to be some improvements and changes. Once we've completed the testing I'll put together evaluations and post them here as I did for the previous beta versions of <a href="">Groove</a> and <a href="/blog/topic/outlook-2007/">Outlook</a>.

In preparation, I did some searching on the web to see what others had been saying. I noticed an August 31st <a href="" target="_blank">post by Eric Cherng</a> where he described the need for offline access to SharePoint content:

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SharePoint History and the Local Tech Community

I just found a very interesting post about the History of SharePoint on Sharon Richardson’s “Joining Dots” site. Her bio says she’s been in IT for 16 years and spent six of them at Microsoft. Clearly, she gained a lot of experience and knowledge as the UK lead for SharePoint at Microsoft. I had a chance to poke around her blog and I think she has some very interesting insights, such as this post entitled “Chasm Microsoft”. I’ve been a big fan of Geoffrey Moore since he came to Vancouver in 1994 to present a two day seminar on his new book, Crossing the Chasm. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing him speak a couple of times at the annual ACETECH forum in Whistler.

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