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We’re Finalists for Microsoft’s 2017 Enterprise Cloud Partner of the Year IMPACT Award!

I’m thrilled to announce today that Colligo has been chosen as finalists for Microsoft’s 2017 IMPACT Awards in the category of Enterprise Cloud Partner of the Year. The past 12 months have been huge for Colligo. A year ago, we released our new platform, Colligo Engage, a complete solution for balancing productivity and governance in ... Continue reading »

Build 2015 Day 1 takeaways

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Here are some of the highlights for me from the first days key note at Build, and how this might impact what you do in your day to day life: Ability to Extend the Office Graph through the API If the name Delve rings any bells then this is big news for you. Delve is a web …

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Measuring Engagement in the Enterprise

Mine the Signals, not the Survey Responses – There are many studies showing a correlation between levels of employee engagement and business performance (Gallup, Towers Perrin, International Survey Research). For companies, engagement is a primary factor influencing performance of the business. So many go to great lengths to study, measure and ultimately influence engagement in …

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How NBC Fostered Collaboration with SharePoint at the 2014 Olympics – A Webinar Speaker Interview

Next week, Colligo and IT Unity are joining forces to bring you the webinar Gold Medal Collaboration: SharePoint Engagement at NBC for the Olympics. I recently met with our guest speakers, SharePoint MVP Dan Holme and Colligo CEO Barry Jinks, to discuss the success of the SharePoint implementation for NBC Olympics at the 2014 Olympic …

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Is Enterprise Collaboration Software Reaching A Fork In The Road?

fork-in-the-road | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

As more organizations turn to enterprise collaboration software and social tools, the explosion of options is paving two paths, according to an article from ZDNet. Developers are either steering applications toward becoming full-featured, all-in-one environments, or focusing on making a few core features that work better than anyone else’s.

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How To Improve Employee Retention With Next-Gen Enterprise Collaboration Systems

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Holding onto a legacy enterprise system might be financially tempting, but relying on ancient technologies that don’t put the user experience at the forefront means you risk alienating both current and future employees, according to a recent article in CMSWire. To attract the next generation’s brightest minds, you must meet them on their level with next-gen enterprise collaboration solutions.

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Creating A Collaborative Culture With Enterprise Social Tools

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When you’re trying to create a social collaborative culture in your organization, one challenge is managing and choosing from the profusion of devices and enterprise social tools. Look for social platforms that are integrated with enterprise applications rather than standalone tools, suggests a recent Information Week article.

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Why The Right Culture Is Key To Social Collaboration Success

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Simply implementing social collaboration tools won’t solve your collaboration problems. Building a collaborative environment starts with having the right culture, SharePoint MVP Robert Bogue explains in an interview with Focus on why people should embrace social and not how they should use social tools.

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Looking For An Alternative To Email? Try Unified Communications Tools

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If you’re like most workers, email overload is a part of your daily life. In fact, email has become a burden, an article on agues. Using unified communications tools like Microsoft’s Lync helps organizations to improve collaboration while reducing the burden that too much email places on employees.

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Why Are More Manufacturers Turning To Enterprise Social Tools?

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Providing people with the right information on the right devices at the right time to enable quick and accurate decision-making is vital to keeping manufacturing plants moving. So it’s no surprise that, as an article from OnWindows reports, manufacturers are increasingly turning to enterprise social tools to break down information silos.

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