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Why Are IT Departments Struggling To Align Objectives With Business Strategy?

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A recent survey highlighted in an article from Information Age reveals that a lack of resources and legacy infrastructure are limiting most IT departments from aligning their objectives with business strategy. Organizations need a strong enterprise architecture structure to ensure technology is aligned with a cohesive IT and business strategy.

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Why Is Office 365 So Appealing To SMBs?

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With the one-year anniversary of Office 365, many people are wondering how the subscription-based model has fared and whether the product would be a good fit for them. While an article from notes that hard numbers aren’t available, it’s clear that organizations are moving to Office 365, albeit slowly.

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Why Microsoft’s Move To Become A Devices And Services Company Benefits Enterprises

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Microsoft’s transition to a devices and services provider is big news for all of its many enterprise customers, but it needn’t be a cause for concern. In fact, the move should benefit enterprises. An article from ReadWrite outlines some ways Microsoft could provide great services at both the enterprise and consumer level.

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How Can CIOs Adapt To Keep Up With User Expectations?

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Mobility, gamification, enterprise application stores, social enterprise tools and BYOD are just some of the ways CIOs can adapt to keep up with the demands and expectations of millennials in the workplace, according to a recent article from InformationWeek. However, these strategies don’t just relate to millennials.

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Why You Shouldn’t Pursue The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Intranets

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It’s possible to reach the “holy grail” of what many organizations want in an intranet today, but getting there with the products available would cost a fortune. An article on highlights a long list of what organizations want in a modern intranet. The reality is there isn’t one product that can provide everything users would like.

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SharePoint Services division is open for business!

Ben Henderson

I’m happy to announce the introduction of Colligo’s new SharePoint Services division. Our services, in conjunction with Colligo’s solutions, are designed to enable organizations that are adopting SharePoint and Colligo to minimize the impact to end users, and maximize the ROI on their investment. For the past eight years, Colligo has provided professional services to …

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